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Helping You Deliver Real, Relevant And Relatable Learning Experiences For Your Students

When it comes to delivering real, relevant and relatable learning experiences for young people around the pillars of entrepreneurship, innovation, STEM and the future of work, there is a lot that goes into research, design and delivery. 

As part of this, at BOP we have the pleasure of working with schools and education networks across the country and around the world to co-design curriculum, units of work, and classroom resources for their teachers to deliver to students. Here's what we have on offer:

Skill Profiles
When it comes to increasing a school's focus on 21st century skills, it's essential that there is a common language and understanding amongst parents, teachers and students in the school community. 

With our 'Skill Profile' development, we will work with your team to develop a series of skill profiles to showcase what new and emerging skills look like in your school community. 

Key Deliverables: ​
The key deliverable for this project is a PDF resource for each skill highlighting the following:

  • A definition of what this skill looks like in your school community.
  • A set of 5-10 key sub-skills with definitions and examples of where they are taught.
  • Examples of STEM and non-STEM pathways students can follow using these skills.

  • 3-5 Micro-influencer profiles showcasing young people in the industry that embody these skills.

Self Paced Programs
A great way to get students further developing their skills in specific interest areas is by developing a school-wide resource of self-paced online programs.

Hosted on the school's learning management system, we can develop and deliver programs on a range of topics around business, leadership, community engagement, STEM and the future of work. 

As well as building new programs, we can also 'boppify' existing programs to make them more real, relevant and relatable with fresh case studies, resources and activities. 

Key Deliverables: ​
The key deliverable for this project would be a series of self-paced courses for students. These would include: 

  • Resources such as videos, websites and blog posts for students to consume.
  • Challenges and activities for students to develop and showcase their skills. 
  • Micro-credentials for students that have completed these courses. 

Lesson Plan Development
If you're looking for a way to refresh your units of work, our lesson plan developments are perfect for you! 


This will see our team developing a set of lessons for your teachers to deliver in the classroom on a set topic or theme. For example, we might build out a 10 week entrepreneurship program for your team to deliver, or a future cities unit of work, or perhaps an industry innovation challenge. 

This is a great way to empower your teachers to deliver new units of work on 21st century skills. 

Key Deliverables: ​
The key deliverable for this project is a full unit of work ready to be delivered by your teachers. This included:

  • Lesson plans for each session.
  • Slides, resources and templates for each lesson.
  • Training and support from the BOP team as you deliver the program. 

Classroom Resources
Classroom resources are a teachers best friend and can be a massive help to engage students, emphasise skills and values, or deliver units of work in a new and innovative way. 

At BOP we work hard to develop a diverse range of classroom resources for our programs. Our team develop everything from posters to templates, activity packs, infographics and more.

If you're looking to have a resource, or suite of resources developed for your teachers, make sure to chat to our team to see if we can design and deliver a resource for your school. 

Key Deliverables: ​
The key deliverable for this would be a PDF resource for your desired purpose. As part of the development our team would:

  • Work with you to identify the purpose and intended use for the resource.
  • Research and finalise the content for the resource. 
  • Work with you to draft the design and the content for the resource.

General Consulting Services

If you're looking to have us come in for a general session with your team, we have a few key consulting services that may be of interest:

Project/Program Review

Have our team do a review to provide a fresh perspective on a unit of work, a program, or project that you are currently planning or delivering.

Design Sprint Workshop

Perfect for if you're in need of a workshop with your teaching or leadership team to help you develop some fresh ideas on a specific challenge or project.

Co-Design Workshop

If you're looking for help developing a project, program or strategy, have our team deliver a co-design workshop to help you plan out your ideas.

If any of these services sound like they might be of interest make sure to contact our team and we'll see how we can help!

Past Projects

Below are some examples of previous projects we have delivered with school leaders and teachers across the country. Here is what we've been up to:


Deep Learning Programs 

We teamed up with the teachers at the Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College to develop 2 x 10 week long deep learning programs for their teachers to deliver in the classroom.

BOP x Indooroopilly SHS 21st Century Skills.jpeg

21st Century Skill Profiles

We teamed up with the Indooroopilly State High School team to Co-Design a set of four 21st century skill profiles for teachers, parents and students in the school community.


Self Paced Leadership Programs

Working with Methodist Ladies' College, Claremont we developed a series of contemporary leadership programs for students from grades 5-12.

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