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Student Pathways

Continue Building Your Skills & Accessing Opportunities After BOP

Are you looking for other opportunities to develop your skills, build your experience, and showcase your ideas after completing a BOP Program? The great news is that we've curated a selection of pathway partners that offer impactful opportunities for students after they finish at BOP. Make sure to scroll below to see all the opportunities available to you! 

HEX High Accelerator 

HEX High Accelerator is designed for Year 10 -12 students to gain high-demand skills, connect with supportive peers, access mentors from leading companies, and receive formal academic credentials recognised at universities worldwide. It's an accessible, practical, fun and collaborative program to introduce students to a future career – with a tech, startup and impact lens. 

BOP x HEX High Accelerator

Knoei Innovation Diploma

 Knoei Colab programs give you more pathways after school – to university, to your own business or to a job with their industry connections. Join the innovation diploma to prepare for university through project-based learning. You’ll work with your peers and industry leaders plus attend specialist labs with other students. Best of all, you’ll start up a business by solving a problem that matters most to you.

Knoei Collab Diploma Of Innovation

These are just some of the awesome opportunities available to young innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers looking to take the next step on their journey. To see how you can scale your ideas with BOP, make sure to check out the following opportunities. 


The Young Entrepreneurs Hub

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The Next Gen Awards

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