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Head honcho here at BOP Industries and technology and startup addict! Coming from a performing arts background, Scott loves all things to do with creativity, and his nerdy side loves exciting new STEM advancements. Combine those and add a bit of business and what do you get? Everything BOP! 

Chief Trouble Maker (CEO)

Scott Millar


Nonto is one of our classroom wizards here at BOP. With an engineering background, Nonto can often be found helping students brainstorm and work through their ideas, questions and goals throughout a workshop to come up with creative and unique solutions. Growing up as a passionate STEM advocate in Zimbabwe, Nonto is a big believer in diversity in teams and promoting women in STEM. 

Classroom Wizard

Nonto Nkiwane


Matthew is new to the BOP team and brings an abundance of energy that always gets the students up and moving. With an infectious enthusiasm, he loves to encourage students to think outside the box and dream big. You'll often see him brainstorming with students on how to bring their ideas to life.

Chief Energiser

Matthew Sharp


Brianna is always a ray of sunshine and happiness in every workshop and manages to pass that onto everyone she comes into contact with. With a positive outlook on everything and a fantastic ability to help students work through challenges, Brianna is an asset to every workshop.  

Head Of Happiness

Brianna Lyons


Kate loves engaging with young, insightful minds! She is passionate about inspiring and supporting young adults as they learn about technology and explore beyond any boundaries. With her zest for creativity and a passion for dance and music, Kate loves investing in any excited mind and sharing experiences big and small to grow in the 21st Century.

Queen Of Curiosity

Kate Macklin


Rebekkah is a total rockstar! Starting with the BOP team in early 2018, she has quickly become part of the family and has a fantastic ability to transition from the office to the classroom leading a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. With a law and psychology degree behind her, Rebekkah loves combining her skills for exciting new opportunities. 

Office Troll (Head Of Operations)

Rebekkah Silva


Sofia is a vital part of the BOP family! Her bubbly personality, positive energy and massive enthusiasm for learning, allows her to interact and engage with a wide range of students. Being a bit of science and maths nerd, she will always chase after any opportunity to show her love for STEM in pursuit of encouraging others to see the incredible things about it as well. 

Head Of Smiles

Sofia Hilmi


Tadiwa, also known as Tadi, is a classroom superstar! Starting off as an intern in early 2018, Tadi has become a core member of the BOP team. As a recent high school graduate, she finds she easily and naturally connects with students and loves bonding with them over pop culture and a passion for entrepreneurship. 

Awesomeness Ambassador

Tadi Mhiti

IMG_9928_edited (1).jpg

Mackenzie is a new BOP facilitator ready to dive into interesting and diverse challenges. He loves practical, hands on problem solving and is always looking for a new angle. Ideation and creativity are what Mackenzie's all about, and he loves seeing the unique perspectives that the next generation bring to the discussion.

Lead Legend 

Mackenzie Parker


Celine is one of BOP's new facilitators, full of verve and enthusiasm! Her favourite thing to do during workshops is ask questions that make students stop and think. Celine hopes that her work here at BOP will encourage the youth of today to step up, innovate, and ultimately make the world a better place.

STEM Champion

Celine Oon

Our Story

BOP Industries was started by our founder, Scott Millar, at age 14 with a group of friends as part of a school business venture in grade 9. Originally selling their original product, the Hash-tag keyrings, the group had great success, getting practical business experience and learning a great deal along the way whilst selling their product in their school community. When the program concluded Scott decided to continue the business as his own venture over the holidays, continuing to sell the keyrings at local markets and online. 

The business grew quickly as Scott gained experience, from managing suppliers and customers to running social media and everything in-between. He continued to experiment with new products and variations and gradually got more and more orders. 

In September of 2015 Scott found a youtube tutorial on Facebook that claimed to teach people how to make their own hologram out of CD cases. After watching Star Wars and Iron Man as a child, Scott couldn't wait to try it out and with a bit of work (and a lot of CD cases) he had created his very own hologram display. The hologram created by this tutorial worked but Scott believed he could make it better and set to creating a proper hologram display. 

Within 7 days of finding the youtube tutorial, and with a bit of help from his design teachers at school, the first hologram displays were ready to launch. Initially selling at local markets and online there was a great reception and a lot of interest with orders sold to countries across the world. People were using our displays for a range of purposes and quickly we got interest from bigger business. 

Two weeks after launching the holograms Scott found himself sitting in the head office for one of Brisbane's biggest marketing companies looking at how the holograms could be used in the events space. 

Since then we have developed a range of different hologram units for a number of different purposes. Running events across the country and gaining more team members to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients we look forward to growing with a number of plans for the near future. 

After graduating year 12 in 2017 Scott took some time to reflect on his journey running a technology business in school and it was through this reflection that he decided to start what we now know as BOP education. Scott took the view that if he could learn how to run a business whilst still in school, surely other students could do the same.

After getting swamped with interest from local schools we set to work developing a whole range of educational programs for primary and high school students teaching them about technology with a focus on creativity, entrepreneurship and storytelling. Since beginning these workshops in early 2018, we have worked with over 16,000 students across Australia and we're looking forward to expanding our reach as we grow. Our mission is to show young people just how amazing they can be and it's been wonderful seeing the amazing things they are achieving.

That is our story so far, but we look forward to continuing the journey and will surely be adding to this very soon. Follow us on the social media links below to see what we are up to at the moment and let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you! 


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