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BOP Industries is an Australian education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators. We aim to inspire, empower and engage 'Generation Z' showing them the amazing things they can do from anywhere, at any age.


Through our innovation camps, workshops, masterclasses and various other engagements we have the pleasure of working with students, parents, teachers and industry leaders around the world to innovate, create and empower. 


BOP In The Media

Some of our favourite articles from when we first started as a group of teenagers, to where we are now.


The BOP Team

Meet our team of passionate, innovative educators on a mission to show inspire and educate our young people.


BOP Blog

Catch up on some of our latest blog posts and program reviews in our BOP Blog. 


Our Mission

At BOP we embrace the power of multipotentiality. In this post we dive deeper into our mission.

What We Do 

We are a young, fun company with passionate facilitators trained to connect with students as we bring innovation into the classroom. With a wide range of programs, we are able to cater for students from across faculty areas as we work to inspire the next generation of digital creators, ensuring our students are prepared for the workforce of the future. 


We work to deliver 21st-century skills to students in a fun and engaging way whilst also building on their general capabilities. In our programs we aim to inspire the following qualities in all of our students:

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We aim to inspire innovators that think outside of the box and push boundaries with their creations.

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We aim to inspire entrepreneurs that are constantly looking for links between their learning and the real world.

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Lifelong Learners

We aim to inspire lifelong learners that are constantly working to gain a deeper understanding.

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Global Citizens

We aim to inspire global citizens that are focussed on fixing the issues facing our world today.