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Entrepreneurs and small businesses are crucial for our economy, creating jobs, driving innovation, and boosting local investment. That's why it's important for students to learn about them and develop entrepreneurial skills. By understanding the stories of successful local business owners, students gain practical insights into real-world business challenges and get inspired to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams. This equips them with the creativity and adaptability needed to thrive in today's economy.


In this unit, students will delve into why businesses exist and the role businesses play in our communities. By exploring a range of case studies of entrepreneurs, unpacking business models and mapping entrepreneurial pathways, we aim to instill in students a deep understanding of the fundamental role businesses play in our society and empower students to cultivate entrepreneurial skills, preparing them for future endeavors in the business world. Students will demonstrate their understanding, by creating a multimodal text documenting an entrepreneur's journey and how their unique characteristics led to their success. 


Students will also be encouraged to develop their own entrepreneurial skills through a series of short entrepreneurial challenges and activities each week. With pitching challenges, design sprints, brand bingo tournaments, and ethical continuums, students will be applying their learning from other entrepreneurs as they’re challenged to embrace their entrepreneurial skills in warm up activities each week. 


Topics Covered: 

  • What Is An Entrepreneur?

  • Introduction To Entrepreneurship

  • Characteristics & Skills Of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Comparing & Contrasting Different Business Journeys

  • Researching Skills & Resources

  • Planning Your Content

  • Unit Reflection


Links To: 

  • Economics & Business:
    • Learning the reasons businesses exist and how different types of businesses provide goods and services

    • Identifying characteristics of entrepreneurs and how these influence the success of a business

    • Developing questions to investigate an entrepreneur’s success

    • Locating, selecting and organising information and data about different entrepreneurs from a range of sources


  • Personal & Social Capability:
    • Developing collaboration and communication skills through the collaborative nature of a group project


  • Digital Literacy:
    • Using simple planning tools to develop assessment and following a plan to complete individual and collaborative tasks

    • Locating, selecting and retrieving relevant information from multiple sources, exploring advanced search functions and targeted criteria


  • Creative & Critical Thinking:
    • Reflect on their thinking and processes during assessments, considering their approach, teamwork, and research strategies for deeper understanding and improvement

    • Develop questions to assist their understanding of what characteristics and skills make a successful entrepreneur


What’s Included:

  • Criteria Sheet Including All Assessment Conditions & A Marking Rubric Aligned To ACARA

  • 30 + Case Studies, Resources and Activities

  • Printable Worksheets to Complement Actvities

  • 9-Week Unit Plan with Learning Objectives and Activity Instructions


This unit aligns to V9.0 of the Business & Economics Strand within the Australian Curriculum.

Emerging Entrepreneurs Unit of Work

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