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Professional Development

Empowering Your Teachers To Inspire The Next Generation

When it comes to delivering future-focused learning experiences to your students, it’s important to start by educating and upskilling your teachers.


Our professional development sessions have been designed to get educators looking at the importance of 21st-century skills in the classrooms as they develop an understanding of how teachers can use these skills to enhance their daily classes and prepare students for the unknown future of work.

The Details 


Our teacher professional development programs can be tailored to your school community, timetable and desired outcomes.


A typical teacher professional development session would run as follows:

Delivery Style: In Person Or Online

Capacity: 30-50 Teachers Per Session

Time Length: 1-2 Hours Or Full Day

Cost: $400 Per Hour 

Our professional development sessions are typically designed around a central theme each workshop.


As part of this theme, our team would share case studies and examples of great work happening around the world to get teachers thinking big, before then diving into a series of activities to get teachers developing their understanding, and applying their skills.