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BOP Professional Development For Teachers

Professional Development

Helping Your Teachers Deliver Impactful 21st-Century Learning Experiences

When it comes to delivering future-focused learning experiences to your students, it’s important to start by educating and upskilling your teachers.


Our professional development sessions have been designed to get educators looking at the importance of 21st-century skills in the classrooms as they develop an understanding of how teachers can use these skills to enhance their daily classes and prepare students for the unknown future of work.

With options ranging from a one-hour masterclass to a full-day workshop, our team have the ability to deliver hands-on teacher professional development sessions to empower your staff on topics around 21st-century skills, project-based learning, enquiry-based learning, industry partnerships and the future of work.

With a mix of content delivery, discussion time, and hands-on challenges, our teacher professional development sessions take a hands on approach to learning and can be tailored to suit your audience and desired learning outcomes.

BOP Professional Development Workshop - Building Your Personal Brand
BOP Professional Development Workshop - Innovation In Education Festival Perth

Program Details

Our teacher professional development programs can be tailored to your school community, timetable and desired outcomes.


A typical teacher professional development session would run as follows:

Delivery Style: In Person

Capacity: 30-60 Teachers Per Session

Time Length: 1-2 Hours Or Full Day

Our professional development sessions are typically designed around a central theme for each workshop and our team will work with you to tailor the session to your strategic priorities or desired outcomes.


Throughout each session, our team share case studies and examples of great work happening around the world to get teachers thinking big, before then diving into a series of activities to get teachers developing their skills, applying their knowledge and planning impactful learning experiences for their students. 

BOP Industries Professional Development Workshops For Teachers

Our Work

The BOP Team are delivering future focussed learning experiences across the country almost every day of the year. As we work hard to tailor programs to every school, audience and community, no two programs look the same. Here are some of our recent programs: 

BOP Industries x Innovation In Education Festival - Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand 

At both the Brisbane and Perth Innovation In Education Festivals in 2022 our team delivered masterclasses to help educators build their brands and connect with industry. 

BOP Industries x Independent Schools Queensland - Future Schools Program

ISQ Future Schools Project

A two year long project with six independent schools to help them build partnerships with industry in order to deliver future focused learning experiences to their students. 

BOP Industries x Cross River Rail - Teachers Academy

Cross River Rail Teachers Academy

A term long program designed to help primary and high school educators incorporate the Cross River Rail into their learning experiences for students. 

BOP Industires x Catholic Education Western Australia - STEM Skill Profiles

CEWA STEM Skill Project

A year long project to create a common language and understanding for STEM education across the CEWA network with links to micro-influencers, examples, and showcase opportunities. 

Let's Connect

At BOP 21st century skills and project-based learning is at the core of what we do, and we have an experienced team of educators who craft future focussed learning experiences for students across the country on a daily basis.

To find out more about how we might be able to work with your team to deliver an impactful professional learning experience, make sure to send us a contact form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

BOP Industries Professional Development Workshops - Innovation, Entrepreneuership, STEM
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