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We offer a range of programs designed for primary and high school students, aimed at showing them the amazing things they can do whilst still in school. These programs are focussed around creativity, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) innovation and entrepreneurship and are a great fit for a wide range of students.

Half Day Programs

Ideation to Creation


Our Ideation to Creation sessions are perfect for students across subject areas looking for an introduction into business and social enterprises.


This program will see students first learning some teamwork fundamentals before building businesses that solve real world problems around their communities.

Grade 7 to 12        2/3 Hour Session

Social Enterprise

Digital Creators


Our Digital Creators program are a great way to have students across subject areas collaborating to create their own businesses using a range of new and emerging technologies.


This program will see students learning how to form teams with a mix of skills and then using their skills to build businesses that can help their community.

Grade 5 to 10        3 Hour Session

Technology and Business

One Hour Programs

Digital Explorer  


Our Digital Explorer program will see students exploring a range of new and emerging technologies with a focus on creativity.


With no prior experience needed, students will be getting hands on with technologies such as holograms, augmented reality and 3D printing pens.

Grade 3 to 10        1 Hour Session

Technology and Creativity

Digital Designer


Our Digital Designer program will see students analysing some of their favourite companies to decide what builds a good brand.


From their colour choices to brand personas, students will be working with real brands and companies to learn about business, branding and marketing.

Grade 7 to 12        1 Hour Session

Business and Branding

After School Programs

Business Builders Program


Our Business Builders after school program will see students building their very own fully functioning businesses as part of an eight week program.


Through the program, students will first develop and analyse their business ideas, then they will embark on putting their plans in action. From branding and marketing to product design and financials, this is a fantastic opportunity for students to start their own businesses and watch them grow!

Grade 7 to 12        8 Week Course

Business Building 

Business Boss Program


Our business boss program is perfect for students that are ready to launch their businesses. With weekly check ins to track sales, performance and strategies, it's great for those looking to bring their businesses into the real world.

Throughout the program, students will be covering a new topic each week and implementing them directly into their strategy as they work to bring their businesses to life and start getting those first sales!

Grade 7 to 12        8 Week Course

Business Ventures

Teacher Professional Development

Teaching in the 21st Century Program


Our 21st Century Teacher program will see teaching exploring the concept of “what does it look like to be a teacher in 2020?”.


Throughout the course of programs teachers will be exploring what innovation looks like in their classroom, how tech tools can help enhance students learning across subject areas and how to prepare our students for an ever changing workforce.

Teachers Across Subject Areas 

All Grades

Why BOP?

We are a young, fun company with passionate facilitators trained to connect with students as we bring innovation into the classroom. With a wide range of programs, we are able to cater for students from a diverse mix of disciplines as we work to inspire the next generation of digital creators, ensuring our students are prepared for the workforce of the future. 


The Department of Education has recently published a series of '21st Century Skills' identified as crucial for student success in the workforce of the future. Our programs are full of these skills as we work to deliver them in a fun and engaging way. In our programs we aim to inspire the following qualities in all of our students:


We aim to inspire innovators that think outside of the box and push boundaries with their creations.


We aim to inspire entrepreneurs that are constantly looking for links between their learning and the real world.

Lifelong Learners

We aim to inspire lifelong learners that are constantly working to gain a deeper understanding.

Global Citizens

We aim to inspire global citizens that are focussed on fixing the issues facing our world today. 

We aim to inspire these qualities in our students by

developing the following skills throughout each workshop:

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

- Innovation 

- Creativity 

- Curiosity

- Problem Solving

- Reasoning

- Analytical Thinking


- Sharing Ideas

- Verbal Presentations

- Effective Word Choice


- Understanding Perspectives 

- Interacting With Others

- Participate and Contribute 

Social Skills

ICT Skills

- Digital Confidence

- Creating with ICT

- Innovating with ICT

- Resilience 

- Leadership 

- Ethical Understanding

Looking To Book A Workshop?

If you're interested in getting our team to work with your students to help inspire and engage them in their 21st-century learning, please complete the contact form below to get in touch with our team. We have the absolute pleasure of working with schools around the world and we look forward to working with you soon! 

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

At BOP we're on a mission to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators by showing students some of the amazing things they can do whilst they're still in school. Here are some videos to show you a bit more about us and what we do:

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