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BOP Industries Hackathons For Corporates, Government And Industry


Sourcing Innovative Ideas From Bright Young Minds 

Growing up in a world surrounded by touchscreen devices, social media and wifi connectivity, young people today think very differently from other generations that have come before. A great way to get your team thinking differently about how you approach challenges and projects, would be to work with our next generation in a hackthon.

Our Industry Innovator Hackathons are day-long programs designed to bring students together from schools around the local community in order to develop innovative solutions to challenges pitched by your organisation.

Often delivered in your office space or at a local co-working space, these programs will see students pitched a challenge and ask to develop a solution ready to present back at the end of the day. Over the course of the program, students will be hearing from members of your team, learning about your organisation, and using a design thinking approach to develop their solutions.

This is not only a great way for your team to source innovative ideas for projects you're working on, but a great way to help expose students to the diverse range of career pathways available in your industry.

BOP Industries Design Thinking Workshops For Government, Industry And Corporates
BOP Industries Hackathons For Corporates, Government And Industry
BOP Industries Youth Engagement Hackathon For Corporates, Industry And Government

Our Work

The BOP Team are delivering future focussed learning experiences across the country almost every day of the year. As we work hard to tailor programs to every industry partner we work with, we deliver hackathons on a diverse range of topics. Here are some of our recent programs: 

BOP Industries x Virgin Australia Innovation In Aviation Hackathons

Innovation In Aviation 

As a leading Australia airline, Virgin Australia worked with us over a number of years to host hackathons to get young people reimaging the in-flight experience. 

BOP Industries x Advance Queensland - Youth Startup Hackathon

Young People In Startups

We had the pleasure of working with Queensland's premier innovation hub to run a series of hackathons to get young people exploring the future of coworking.

BOP Industries x Queensland Family And Child Comission - Youth Mental Health Hackathon

Youth Mental Health Hackathon

We teamed up with the QFCC to host a virtual hackathon with 40 young people across Queensland to find out how they would support youth mental health. 

BOP Industries x Gold Coast Junior Council - Community Leadership Hackathon

Community Leadership

As COVID sent Australia into lockdown, we worked with the Gold Coast Junior Council to host a community leadership hackathon with local young people to explore how they could respond.

Let's Connect

At BOP, we have the pleasure of working with organisations big and small to help them connect with young innovative and brilliant thinkers. With our team delivering hackathons across the country on a daily basis, make sure to connect to see how we can help you source some innovative solutions and ideas for your team. 

Follow the button below and submit a contact form to get in touch with our team!

BOP Industries Hackathons For Corporates, Government And Industry
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