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In today's news landscape, it is common to come across articles and opinion pieces discussing the detrimental effects of social media on users and communities. These effects range from mental health concerns to the proliferation of fake news, growing polarisation, and questions about the intrusive nature of advertising on mainstream platforms.


The Ethical Innovation challenge invites students to develop an ethical social media platform that promotes a safe environment for all users. By addressing these pressing issues and designing an ethical social media platform, students participating in the Ethical Innovation challenge have the opportunity to reshape the digital landscape and pave the way for a more positive and inclusive online community.


Topics Covered: 

  • Social Media and Ethics 

  • App Design (UI & UX) 

  • Ethical Features and Safety 

  • Policing Content and Guidelines 

  • Monetisation and Branding 

  • Pitching and Communication


Links To

  • Digital Technologies:

    • Explore app design principles, including User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).
    • Investigate the ethical considerations related to technology and social media.
  • Media Arts 

    • Explore the impact of social media on communities and individuals.
    • Develop skills in communication and storytelling for pitching and presenting ideas.
  • Civics and Citizenship:

    • Examine the ethical dimensions of social media, including concerns about fake news, polarization, and advertising intrusiveness.
    • Encourage students to think critically about the role of technology in shaping communities.
  • English:

    • Enhance communication skills through activities such as pitching and presenting ethical features and safety guidelines for the social media platform.
  • Design and Technologies:

    • Engage in app design, with a focus on creating an ethical and safe environment for users.
    • Consider branding and monetization strategies aligned with ethical principles.
  • Ethical Understanding:

    • Develop an understanding of ethical considerations in the digital landscape, particularly in the context of social media.


What's Included:


  • Task Sheet with Challenge Overview
  • 10 x Editable Slide Decks with Case Studies, Activites and Resources
  • Printable Worksheets to Compliment Actvities
  • 10-Week Unit Plan with Learning Objectives and Activity Instructions
  • + So much more!


This unit is recommended for students in Years 9 - 12.


About BOP Industries:

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Ethical Innovations Unit of Work

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