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The Solving The Problem: E-Scooter Safety Unit will see students work collaboratively and use design thinking to create an innovative solution to the E-Scooter Safety problem and reducing the associated health challenges with electric scooters and young riders.  


Over the course of the unit, students work in teams, focusing their efforts on improving E-scooter safety in their local community. They will closely examine the issues surrounding this topic and devise innovative strategies to enhance safety measures.

At the end of the unit, students will prepare a pitch presentation detailing their final ideas and how they plan to improve E-Scooter safety.


This unit provides an opportunity for students to apply their creative and critical thinking skills. Their ideas have the potential to contribute to advancements in E-scooter safety practices around their local communities. 


Topics Covered:

  • What Are E-Scooters And What Are The Dangers?
  • E-Scooter Riding Laws & Regulations
  • Existing Safety Measures
  • User Personas And User-Centred Design
  • Building An MVP & Prototyping
  • Pitching And Communication


  • Links To:
    • Health and Physical Education: The unit addresses the physical health aspects of e-scooter riding, focusing on safety measures and regulations.
    • Design and Technologies: Students utilise design thinking principles to develop innovative solutions for improving e-scooter safety, including user-centred design and prototyping.
    • Critical and Creative Thinking: Students analyse the risks associated with e-scooter riding and devise creative strategies to enhance safety, demonstrating critical thinking skills.
    • Personal and Social Capability: Through collaborative teamwork and community-focused projects, students develop interpersonal skills and a sense of responsibility towards promoting safety in their local community.
    • Ethical Understanding: Students consider the ethical implications of e-scooter usage and safety measures, reflecting on how their innovations can contribute to the well-being of riders and pedestrians.
    • Sustainability: Students explore the environmental benefits of e-scooters while also addressing safety concerns to ensure sustainable transportation practices.


This unit is recommended for students in Years 7 - 10.


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Solving The Problem: E-Scooter Safety

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