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BOP Industries Young Innovator Day Youth Engagement Event For Industry, Corporates And Government

Young Innovator Days

Bringing Students Together From Across The Community To Connect, Collaborate And Create

Schools today are always on the lookout for impactful learning opportunities that can get their students out of the classroom and into the real world.


A great way to connect with young people in your local community would be to host a Young Innovator Day. These events would see 5-10 students from a selection of schools across your local community coming together to develop their skills, understanding and ideas related to your industry and organisation.

Run over the course of a day, this program would see 80-120 students coming together in person as they build their skills and understanding related to a central theme set by your organisation as students explore jobs in your industry, the types of projects they might work on, and the exciting opportunities available to them.

The day would be broken into three sections with each section focussing on a different theme or activity. Each section would see students first hearing from a keynote speaker, panel discussion or a fireside chat, before then getting hands-on with a challenge to develop their skills and understanding.


See BOP In Action

Working with over 20,000 students each year, we've compiled some of our favourite videos so you can get a sneak peak of what a BOP program looks like in action. You can explore these below! 

BOP Industries Young Innovator Day Youth Engagement Event For Industry, Government And Corporates

Our Work

At BOP we have the pleasure of delivering young innovator days with organisations across the country and around the world. With each day designed around the industry partner and desired theme, make sure to explore some examples of what we've done in the past:


DiscoverIT Day

Delivered in partnership with Federation University, this program was designed to help prepare young people for the future of work as they explored technology in the workforce. 

BOP Industries x The Precinct - Entrepreneurial Innovators Day Program For Schools And Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Innovators Day 

Run in partnership with Queensland leading startup hub, this program has been designed to show students all the exciting careers in the startup space! 


The Future Of Creative Arts 

Delivered in partnership with the Australasian Dance Collective, this program saw students exploring the intersection of technology and the arts.


Future Gold Coast 

Delivered in partnership with the City Of The Gold Coast, this full day program was designed to showcase the STEM careers for young people in local government.  

Let's Connect

At BOP, we have the pleasure of working with organisations big and small to help them connect with young innovative and brilliant thinkers. With our team facilitating days like this across the country every term, make sure to connect to see how we can help you connect with bright young minds across the local community. 

Follow the button below and submit a contact form to get in touch with our team!

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