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Youth Advisory

Getting An Authentic Youth Perspective As You Plan For The Future 

As you plan for the year ahead and make decisions around school culture, student events, specialist programs, and curriculum redesign, it's essential that you engage your users in that decision-making process. 

To do this, we have developed a selection of Youth Advisory Workshops that have been designed to source an authentic youth perspective from the students in your school community, whilst also giving young people the opportunity to develop and share their own impactful solutions to the projects presented to them. 

Facilitated by the BOP team with a selection of students in your school community, these workshops see our team working with students to find out more about their thoughts on the way things are currently done, before then taking a design thinking approach to help students create innovative and impactful solutions for your team to implement. 

At the conclusion of each session, the BOP team collate the ideas and insights shared by students and use these to produce a report for your team to review and implement. 


Program Details

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Our Youth Advisory Workshops can be tailored to each school, community and project. Our team of innovative educators would work with your team in the lead up to understand the key outcomes you're looking for from the session and we will tailor the program accordingly. 

A typical Youth Advisory Workshops run as follows:

Delivery Style: In Person

Capacity: 15-20 Students Per Workshop Recommended

Time Length: 1-4 x Half-Day Workshops 

Popular themes for our Youth Advisory Workshops include: 

Career Education: With the future of work changing at a rapid pace, find out how you could work with your students to co-design impactful career education opportunities for young people. 

Curriculum Review: As we plan for 2024, find out how you could get authentic student feedback on excellence programs and units of work that could use a refresh. 

Student Wellbeing: As we help our young people manage their health and wellbeing, find out how you could work with your students to co-design impactful wellbeing programs and initiatives for their young people. 

BOP Industries Professional Development Workshops For Teachers

Our Work

The BOP Team are delivering Youth Advisory Workshops across the country every term of the year.  As we work source authentic youth perspectives and impactful solutions, we've highlight some of our recent programs: 

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Specialist Program Redesign

We teamed up with Kenmore SHS students to redesign their specialist Ken-X program with four youth advisory sessions focusing on the different elements of the 2 year long program. 

More Info Coming Soon

Youth Advisory Council Redesign

A 6 month long project to redesign the Ipswich Youth Advisory Council with a focus on upskilling participants and meaningful youth engagement opportunities. 


Re-Designing Career Education

Youth Advisory workshops with junior and senior students to get their perspectives on what real, relevant and relatable career education looks like for them.

More Info Coming Soon
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Building A School Of The Future 

A community-wide youth advisory workshop to get young people from across Brisbane sharing their perspectives on what they think the future of schooling should look like. 

More Info Coming Soon

Let's Connect

At BOP we love working with young people as they share their thoughts, ideas and insights on the learning experiences that would engage them in the classroom. 

To find out more about how we might be able to work with your team to host a Youth Advisory workshop with your students, make sure to send us a contact form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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