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School Holiday Programs 

At BOP we're on a mission to show young people the amazing things they can do at any age, from anywhere. With school holiday programs designed for primary and high school students on topics ranging from smart cities to young inventors, we offer a diverse range of programs over the school holidays and through the term. 

These school holidays we will be running a series of online workshops open for students around the world to innovate and create together. These programs will be facilitated by our passionate team of facilitators and will feature separate classes for primary and high school students on different topics.

Emerging Esports Influencers.png

Emerging Esports Influencers

Online Workshop - 1pm - 3pm
High School: September 21st - 22nd

Ever wanted to stream like Ninja, get signed to an esports team or produce Youtube videos for a large audience? Maybe you want to work behind the scenes in editing, graphic design, event production, coaching or marketing. Our workshops help you build the foundation for your gaming driven career.

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Online Inventors Lab: FutureMakers

Online Workshop - Primary 9am - 11am + High School 1pm - 3pm
September 24th - 25th

Are you curious about the future of our world and looking for your way to make a difference? In our ‘Inventor’s Lab: FutureMakers’ online workshops we will be exploring the future of our earth and looking at how we as young people can innovate and make the change we want to see. Exploring the future of food on day one and the future of transport and cities on day two.

Household Innovators.png

Household Innovators 

Online Workshop - Primary 9am - 11am + High School 1pm - 3pm
September 28th

Have the words ‘I’m bored’ been uttered repeatedly during COVID? Imagine, instead of boredom, you could be solving household problems using innovative ideas and design. In this workshop, we will be exploring how we can turn household problems into solutions. Missing a spoon? Does your pet need a tag? Doing a bit of gardening.

St Paul's Business Builders (1).png

Brisbane: Business Builders

Brisbane Based Workshop - 9am - 3pm
September 28th - Primary School

As part of our Business Builders school holiday program, we will be working with students over one action-packed day as they follow their interests and grow their ideas into a tangible product or service, giving them a way to bring their ideas to life, whilst also making money doing so. Whether their venture returns a profit or remains in the classroom, students will adopt an entrepreneurial mindset where they will gain confidence in themselves and discover their potential.

Zero Waste Mining Online (1).png

Zero Waste Mining

Online Workshop - Primary Monday/Wednesday + High School Tuesday/Thursday
September 28th - October 1st From 3-5pm

What do you think of when you think of a mine? What would you say if we told you that mining was actually one of the most technologically advanced industries in Australia, and companies such as Rio Tinto are working to develop mines that not only run off renewable energy, but mines that also leave the environment in a better state then when they found it?

In our Zero Waste Mining workshop, we will be working to design and develop a zero waste mine for Rio Tinto that produces no waste and leaves the surrounding area in a better condition then they found it.  

St Paul's Young Innovators (1).png

Brisbane: Young Innovators

Brisbane Based Workshop - 9am - 3pm
September 29th + 30th - High School

The Young Innovators school holiday program will see us looking forward to the next 20 years to see what innovations will continue to change the way we live as we work to design our own preferred futures. Looking at everything from innovation in aviation to future foods, smart cities, and the future of transport, we will be spending two days designing and creating to solve challenges our communities are facing today.

Business Builders.png

Business Builders

Online Workshop - Primary 9am - 11am + High School 1pm - 3pm
September 30th

Looking for something to keep you busy over your holidays? Have you ever considered starting a business? Our Business Builders session is designed to show young people how they can build and launch their own small business over their holidays. Participants will be identifying problems, developing solutions and building their own businesses in a fun and hands on online environment with our team of passionate and energetic facilitators. 

Jumbo Jet Redesign.png

Innovation In Aviation: Jumbo Jet Redesign

Online Workshop - Primary 9am - 11am + High School 1pm - 3pm
October 1st

As COVID continues to disrupt the airline industry, we’re seeing airlines around the world retiring their 747’s and sending their A380’s to storage in the desert. With these jumbo jets too big and too expensive to fly with small passenger numbers, airlines are opting for smaller, more fuel efficient aircraft for their short term fleet. As part of the ‘Innovation In Aviation: Jumbo Jet Redesign’ workshop, students will be exploring how they can repurpose these aircraft when they’re not being flown, or redesign their floorplan to make them more attractive for airlines and the current demand for air travel. 

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