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Units Of Work

Helping You Deliver Real, Relevant And Relatable Learning Experiences For Your Students

When it comes to delivering real, relevant and relatable learning experiences for young people around the pillars of entrepreneurship, innovation, STEM and the future of work, there is a lot that goes into research, design and delivery. 

If you're looking to reimagine a unit of work with a focus on design thinking, project-based learning, and enquiry-based learning, our team have the ability to create units of work for you to deliver in the classroom.

Each unit comes complete with lesson plans, slides for each lessons, printable classroom resources, and recorded videos from our team of innovative educators explaining how we would deliver each lesson and run each activity.

This is a great way to start showing your team how they can incorporate future-focused learning experiences into the classroom, whilst also getting them comfortable with inquiry-based learning.

BOP Industries Curriculum Design - Innovation, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Design Thinking, 21st Century Skills
BOP Industries Curriculum Design - Innovation, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Design Thinking, 21st Century Skills

Browse Units Of Work

Browse Units

We offer a diverse range of programs available for schools around the world to access. Each of our units has been designed to challenge students to develop their skills in design thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation as they develop an out-of-the-box solution to a real-world challenge. 

Our available units of work can be found below. To find out more about a unit, click on the graphic! 

Project Based Learning Units Of Work

To help your students develop their 21st-century skills, we have a selection of term-long units of work centred around design thinking, inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning. Each unit features 10 lessons worth of content as students work to develop an innovative solution to a real-world challenge. Our Project Based Learning Units Of Work come complete with the following: 

Unit Overview (1).png

Unit Overview:
A lesson by lesson breakdown of the unit providing a high level overview of each lesson and how they connect.

Editable Slides (1).png

Editable Slides:
Powerpoint slides for each lesson of content complete with activities, case studies, videos and conversation starters.

Printable Classroom Resources (1).png

Printable Classroom Resources:
A selection of printable
PDF templates to assist
students as they
complete activities.

With a range of units sitting on the shelf, they are ready for your team to pick up and start teaching! 

Curriculum Aligned Units Of Work

If you have a particular subject that you're looking for a curriculum-aligned unit of work for, our team of trained teachers are able to design and build a unit of work for you to deliver as part of your classroom studies. Each curriculum-aligned unit of work will be tailored to your desired subject areas, content descriptors and learning outcomes. These curriculum-aligned units of work come with a unit overview, editable slides, a delivery guide, printable classroom resources, and the following additional resources to support your team:

Assessment Criteria (2) (1).png

Assessment Criteria: A criteria sheet with a rubric featuring either real-world criteria or criteria aligned to the Australian Curriculum. 

curriculum alignment document (1).png

Curriculum Alignment Document: An editable document providing an overview of how the unit of work links to the desired curriculum standards in the Australian Curriculum.

Student Task Sheet (1).png

Student Task Sheet: A task sheet for students outlining the challenge with a link to their final assessment item, and a breakdown of the key deliverables. 

Guide to Teambuilding (1).png

A Guide To Team Building: A PDF resource for the teacher delivering the unit to assist them in creating effective groups and delegating roles for the unit. 

As you plan your units for the year ahead, make sure to get in touch with out team to see if we can align a unit for your students! 

Innovation Project Challenge Packs

If you're looking for a juicy innovation challenge for your students to work on, our Innovation Project Challenge Packs are perfect for you! Each challenge pack consists of a 6-8 page document with a real world project that students are asked to develop an innovative solution for. These challenge packs are great if you're looking to give students more autonomy in their work, or if you're looking for a key resource to build your own unit around. Each challenge pack comes with the following: 

Project Brief (2) (1).png

Project Brief: A 1-2 page overview of the project students are about to embark on, what the problems are that need solving, and how this project connects to the real world.

User Personas (1).png

User Personas: Three types of users that students need to consider while designing their final solution. Each persona comes with a brief bio along with a set of needs, wants and frustrations for students to consider.

Student Task Sheet (1).png

Challenges: Two challenges that students will need to complete with key information on what students need to produce, and links to videos and blog posts for stimulus. 

Pitching Brief (1).png

Pitching Brief: A one page overview of what students are required to put in their 3-5 minute pitch to outline their final solutions, as well as five key judging criteria for them to be marked on in their presentation. 

With a range of challenge packs available, make sure to grab some now to inspire and empower your students! 

BOP Industries Curriculum Design For Schools

Our Work

The BOP Team are delivering future focussed learning experiences across the country almost every day of the year. As we work hard to tailor programs to every school, audience and community, no two programs look the same. Here are some of our recent programs: 


Project Based Learning Units 

A series of units of work for studnets from Years 7-9 to help them develop their skills in innovation, design thinking and project based learning. 

download (51).png

Year 10 Business Units

An Industry Innovator unit of work designed for Year 10 business students and aligned to the Australian Curriculum with an assessment rubric, task sheet, and assessment item. 

BOP Industries x Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College - Deep Learning Project Design

Deep Learning Projects

We teamed up with the teachers at the Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College to develop 2 x 10 week long deep learning programs for their teachers to deliver in the classroom.

Mfac_logo (1).jpeg

Year 8 Innovation Challenge Packs

A selection of six challenge packs designed for Year 8 students as part of a term long project for National Science Week exploring innovation across industries. 


Let's Connect

At BOP create units of work on a daily basis as we work with schools across the country and around the world. With a passion for designing real, relevant and relatable learning experiences and eye-catching resources, we would love to see how we could work with your team to inspire and empower your students.


To chat further about getting some units of work or challenge packs for your students, make sure to send us a contact form and one of our team will be in touch soon. 

BOP Industries Curriculum Design For Schools - Innovation, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Design Thinking
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