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BOP Industries is an Australian technology and education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators. We aim to inspire, empower and engage 'Generation Z' showing them the amazing things they can do from anywhereat any age. Through our innovation camps, workshops, masterclasses and various other engagements we have the pleasure of working with students, parents, teachers and industry leaders around the world to innovate, create and empower

Scott Millar - BOP Industries

Scott Millar

Chief Trouble Maker (CEO)

As Chief Trouble Maker at BOP, Scott has the pleasure of working on a diverse range of exciting projects on a daily basis as he leads the team to inspire the next generation of digital creators. Starting the company as a 14-year-old, now as a 20-year-old CEO Scott is learning quickly and loving every second.

Annie Butler - BOP Industries

Annie Butler

Program Coordinator & Facilitation Expert

With a background in primary education and STEM in the classroom, we're so excited to have Annie on the team here at BOP. Annie has extensive experience in creating and facilitating fantastic programs. Her ability to connect with and relate to students is unrivalled.

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Maddie Panther

Program Coordinator & Mindset Mentor

Maddie is part of our core team of Program Coordinators and loves working with students on building their businesses and maintaining healthy mindsets.

Mark Newman - BOP Industries

Mark Newman

Head Of Operations

Mark is our head of operations here at BOP and oversees all of our projects and programs to ensure we are delivering the best experience to our students. With a background in tourism, Mark's passions for customer experience and ability to metaphorically spin plates is unmatched.

Lily Kennedy - BOP Industries

Lily Kennedy

Program Coordinator & YE Hub Manager

Lily is one of our program coordinators here at BOP and brings a wealth of experiences, expertise, passion and knowledge to the BOP team. Lily is a perfect fit with her experience in the startup space, a love for education and a passion for helping young people. 

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Next BOP Industries Superstar

We're always on the lookout for new humans who are excited to work with us! Check out our current positions available or send through an expression of interest to join our team!

What We Do 

We are a young, fun company with passionate facilitators trained to connect with students as we bring innovation into the classroom. With a wide range of programs, we are able to cater for students from across faculty areas as we work to inspire the next generation of digital creators, ensuring our students are prepared for the workforce of the future. 


We work to deliver 21st-century skills to students in a fun and engaging way whilst also building on their general capabilities. In our programs we aim to inspire the following qualities in all of our students:

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We aim to inspire innovators that think outside of the box and push boundaries with their creations.

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We aim to inspire entrepreneurs that are constantly looking for links between their learning and the real world.

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Lifelong Learners

We aim to inspire lifelong learners that are constantly working to gain a deeper understanding.

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Global Citizens

We aim to inspire global citizens that are focussed on fixing the issues facing our world today. 

Our Story

A group of 14-year-olds, $100 investment and a school business project... 

BOP looked very different in 2014 compared to how we look now. With a big blue logo made in Microsoft Word, a two page business plan, and a bucketload of ambition, we hit the local markets with our laser cut 'Hash-Tag' key rings as part of a year nine business project. That was how BOP (Buy Our Product) first came to life and that's how we started our journey growing the company from the fledgling school project, to the leading organisation it is today.

After making $400 profit within a term of selling key rings at local markets we, as a group of teenagers, were pretty happy with our return on investment and thought we'd give this business a shot and before too long we found ourselves selling thousands of key rings a month as year 10 students and servicing clients around the world.

From there we found ourselves diving headfirst into the events and marketing sector with our 'Holograms By BOP'. Initially launched off the back of a youtube tutorial teaching us how to make holograms out of cut out CD cases 'Holograms By BOP' grew quickly, becoming one of Australia's leading holographic entertainment companies as we graduated high school. 

Graduating high school at 17 we were approached by a number of teachers asking us if we could help teach their students how to do what we did. With an increased focus on 21st century skills in education, schools were being pressured by industry, government and the community to equip their students for the workforce of the future, by teaching them skills around entrepreneurship, innovation and global citizenship. That was where we came in.

Initially running a handful of workshops in regional Queensland, word of our programs travelled fast and now, 2.5 years later our team have had the pleasure of working with over 50,000 students in 36 locations around the world

Now we work with schools, government and industry partners around the world as we deliver programs ranging in topics from smart cities to innovation in aviation, entrepreneurship 101, ethics in technology and more. On top of this we also have the pleasure of collaborating with our clients on projects that see us reviewing and developing curriculum, designing classroom resources, building workbooks and more! 

We're on a mission to deliver real, relevant, and relatable programs to primary and high school students that get them excited about learning, and about the amazing opportunities available to Generation Z. Working with our industry partners we aim to bridge the gap between the industry and the classroom as we show students how they can bring their passions to life in the workforce of the future. 

It's been quite a wild ride, but we have loved every second! 

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