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Our Team

Meet The Innovative Educators Inspiring Our Next Generation

BOP Industries is an Australian technology and education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of Young Innovators. We aim to inspire, empower and engage 'Generation Z' showing them the amazing things they can do from anywhereat any age. Through our innovation camps, workshops, masterclasses and various other engagements we have the pleasure of working with students, parents, teachers and industry leaders around the world to innovate, create and empower

Scott Millar - BOP Industries

Scott Millar

Chief Trouble Maker (CEO)

As Chief Trouble Maker at BOP, Scott has the pleasure of working on a diverse range of exciting projects on a daily basis as he leads the team to inspire the next generation of digital creators. Starting the company as a 14-year-old, now as a 23-year-old CEO Scott is learning quickly and loving every second.

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Maddie Panther

Head Of Programs

Maddie is our incredible program manager who oversees the development of projects and programs. Having a Masters in Primary Education, Maddie loves working with students and teachers to ensure that the programs we bring to life are fun, hands on and exciting in every way.


Sophie Diehm

Program Coordinator

Sophie is our Program Coordinator and works on bringing programs to life from building the content to delivering them in-person. Having a Masters in Secondary Education, Sophie has a love for all things to do with creativity and learning. Working with students she encourages them to have big ideas and helps them understand how they can achieve them.


Emma Boyd

Head Of Operations

Emma is our Head of Operations here at BOP and oversees all of our projects and programs to ensure we are delivering the best experience to our students. With a background in business management and global development, Emma is well versed in creating an exceptional experience for everyone .

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Next BOP Industries Superstar

We're always on the lookout for new humans who are excited to work with us! Check out our current positions available or send through an expression of interest to join our team!

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