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School Leadership Programs

Supporting Students To Become Community Changemakers

Who It's For

Primary & High School

Student Leaders


Selection Workshops, Guest Speakers, Upskilling Workshops, Online Learning, Student Challenges

Time Length

Designed To Fit Your Timetable 

1 Hour To 1 Day

Main Info

At BOP we have the pleasure of working with student leaders across the country and around the world as we help them develop their skills as future-focused 21st century leaders. 

If you're looking to inspire and empower your student leaders and refresh your leadership program, we have a diverse range of opportunities listed below. Make sure to enquire now to see how we can help you! 

Selection Workshop


A 2-3 hour for up to 60 shortlisted applicants to see how they interact in group settings, work under pressure, and collaborate with others when working towards a common goal.


Following the structure of our Community Leaders Workshop, this program will see students splitting into groups, delegating roles, and taking a design thinking approach to develop and pitch and innovative solution to a challenge in their local community. This workshop will be facilitated by the BOP team with your teachers supervising students and making notes to consider in the selection process. 

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Guest Presentation

A member of the BOP team delivering a keynote speech at the leadership induction ceremony or at a parent information session. This 15-30 minute keynote speech will explore trends surrounding the future of work, and the role that young people play in making an impact in their local community regardless of their age, postcode, or skillset. More information on keynote speaking topics and presenters can be found here

Emerging Leaders Day 

A full day program for student leaders to get them building their future-focused leadership skills. Following the structure of our Emerging Leaders Program, this workshop will see students exploring how they can make an impact in their local community, developing their skills in innovation and design thinking, and developing an understanding of the future world of work that they will be working and leading in as they leave the school gates.


Term Long Challenge 

A term-long innovation challenge for students that will see them applying their skills to a real-world challenge set by a leading Australian organisation. Over the course of the term, students will be breaking into teams, participating in specialised masterclasses and working to develop an innovative solution to the challenges presented to them, ready to showcase at a pitch event at the end of the term. To find out more about our Industry Innovators Challenge, Click Here.

Online Leadership Modules 

A suite of online learning modules for students to complete in their own time as they develop their skills as emerging leaders and as aspiring young professionals. Hosted on your learning management system of choice, these online modules feature real, relevant and relatable case studies, links, videos and activities for students to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. To find out more about our Online Leadership Modules, click here


If you're looking to inspire and empower your student leaders and refresh your leadership program, we have a diverse range of opportunities listed below. Make sure to enquire now to see how we can help you! 


Our Work

The BOP Team are in classrooms across the country almost every day of the year. As we work hard to tailor programs to every school, class and community, no two programs look the same. Here are some of our recent programs: 


Year 5-12 Leadership Modules

Over 21 modules of work developed for all students in Years 5-12 across the college as they worked to develop their skills as emerging leaders in the 21st century. 

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Student Leadership Presentation

A guest presentation to over 100 student leaders from across the Independent Public Schools network showing them how they can make a difference in their communtiy.

More Info Coming Soon

Year 7-8 Industry Innovators 

A term long program with Year 7-8 students to get them applying their innovation, STEM and design thinking skills to challenges pitched by leading organisations.


Year 10 Emerging Leaders Program

A full day Emerging Leaders Program for all Year 10 students to help them develop their skills in community leadership, personal branding and the future of work. 

More Info Coming Soon

Enquire About A Program


If you want to organise a leadership program for your students, make sure to submit an enquiry below and our team will be in touch to help bring your workshop to life!

Thanks For Enquiring! Our Team Will Be In Touch Shortly To Confirm Your Enquiry And Finalise Your Booking.

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