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Industry Innovators with Brisbane South State Secondary College

Over the course of Term 3, the BOP Team delivered a term-long Industry Innovators program with the 'Propel' Student Leaders from Brisbane South State Secondary College. This saw students work to develop innovative solutions to challenges pitched by leading Australian organisations, including Qantas, yourtown, RACQ and CSIRO.

The Industry Innovators program sees students working collaboratively in groups of 3 to 5, as they progress through a challenge brief that contains all of the necessary information about their industry partner, specific challenge areas, and future-focused case studies.

The program kick-started with a full-day Hackathon, which saw students assigned to teams and participate in team building activities to see how well they worked together as a group. From there, the teams dived into their challenge workbooks to gain a better understanding of their industry partner and challenge areas.

As the program took place over the course of a term, students were given check-points each session to ensure they managed their time to the best of their ability. Each workshop involved a mini masterclass on topics such as user-centred design, primary and secondary research and pitching 101 to assist students in developing real-world solutions for their industry partners.

The program concluded with each team preparing a 5-minute pitch presentation, which was delivered in front of parents, teachers, peers, and a panel of industry guest judges at a formal pitch breakfast. The pitches comprised of future-focused, youth-led, innovative solutions developed by the students over the course of the term, which aligned with real-world challenges that their industry partner would face in their field of work.

There were numerous awards available for the teams with the most engaging pitch, the most out-of-the-box idea, and the overall challenge winner, which was determined using real-world criteria. Each pitch video was filmed and sent to the students industry partners for their review.

We had such a blast delivering this program and can't wait to work with these students again in 2023! To find out more about how we could run a similar program at your school, make sure to check out our School Incursions Page and submit an enquiry to get in touch with our team!


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