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Online Modules

Self-Paced Learning Experiences For Students Developing Their Skills

With curriculum time already so busy, schools around the world are looking at how they can offer real, relevant, and relatable, learning experiences for students to develop their skills in their own time. 

To assist schools with this, at BOP we have developed a range of engaging online learning modules for students to complete on their devices throughout the year.

Often used by schools as a resource for student leaders, aspiring young professionals, or as part of a micro-credentialing program, these online modules are designed to provide students with the skills and portfolio of work they need in order to get a head start on their chosen pathway. 

We have a range of online modules built and ready for your students, with the ability to design custom modules based on the skills you would like your students to develop.

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Browse Modules

Browse Online Modules

We offer a diverse range of online modules for schools around the world to access. Each of our modules has been designed to help students develop their skills as aspiring young professionals and leaders in their chosen field with a suite of real, relevant and relatable videos, activities and case studies. 

Our available modules can be found below. To find out more about a module, click on the graphic! 


Module Details

When purchasing an online module from us you will have the ability to customise module to work with your desired learning management platform, cohort of students, learning outcomes and format. Here are a few things to take into consideration:


We are able to transfer the content from each module onto your learning management platform of choice. Our default platform is Microsoft Sway. 

Module Length 

Each module consists of approximately 45-60 minutes worth of learning and working time for students complete with videos, blog posts, activities to complete, and short surveys and quizes.

Age Group

Our modules are designed for students in Grades 7-10 however can be adapted for older and younger students. 

Learning Outcomes

Each module will have students producing a piece of work or completing a response piece. We would recommend having a process in place for a member of your team to review this work and approve that students have completed modules to a satisfactory standard. 

Bespoke Modules 

Our team will often design bespoke modules for schools on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats. To request this, make sure to get in touch. 


Our Work

The BOP Team work with schools across the country and around the world every day. As we work hard to tailor our work to every school, class and community, we pride ourselves in catering to the needs of each group of students. Here are some of our recent modules: 


Young Professional Modules

We developed a selection of modules for Year 7-9 students to help them develop their skills as aspiring young professionals and emerging leaders in their school community. 

More Info Coming Soon
BOP Industries x Methodist Ladies' College Careers Program

Grade 5-12 Leadership Modules  

Over 21 modules of work developed for all students in Years 5-12 across the college as they worked to develop their skills as emerging leaders. 


Let's Connect

With a passion for designing real, relevant and relatable learning experiences for students as they develop their skills as emerging young professionals and leaders, we would love to see how we could work with your team to develop some learning modules for your school community.


To chat further about the modules you'd like to organise for your students, make sure to send us a contact form and one of our team will be in touch soon. 

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