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Self Paced Leadership Course Development With Methodist Ladies' College

As the future of work continues to change at a rapid rate, the research continues to show that leadership is a key skills that young people today will need to succeed in the workforce of the future. Our students today are growing up in a world where they can become leaders regardless of their age, skillset or postcode and as part of this, they are looking for real, relevant and relatable opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Methodist Ladies' College Claremont has acknowledged this and has offered opportunities for their students to develop their leadership skills through the Walton Leadership Institute for years now. However, as the workforce and our world has continued to change, the school has acknowledged that we need to be offering students contemporary ways to develop their leadership skills.

To do this, the school engaged us at BOP to redevelop their Walton Leadership Institute modules of work for their students from grades 5-12. Broken into three categories with junior, middle, and senior years, students are able to access leadership courses throughout the year, tailored to where they are at in their learning journey.

For each category, students are able to choose from courses ranging in topic from global citizenship to communication, negotiation and more. In each course students dive into videos, explore case studies, and work on challenges designed to help them develop and demonstrate these skills.

We've had such a pleasure working with Methodist Ladies' College to develop these courses for their students, and we can't wait to see the young leaders that are developed as part of the leadership institute!

To find out more about how we can build online courses for your students, make sure to have a look at our Curriculum Design Page, or Contact Us to start the conversation.


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