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With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills identified as one of the essential skillsets for success in the 21st-century workforce, it is essential that we begin to integrate these skills into our classrooms at all levels.


One barrier we are facing, however, is the preconceived ideas of what STEM looks like in the classroom and what it involves. If you ask most adults they will tell you that STEM is coding and nothing else, if you ask others they will say STEM is all about getting big shiny objects with big shiny price tags.


What we believe is that STEM comes in many different forms and STEM skills are crucial to success for students across curriculum areas and age groups. We take a cross-curricular, real world, low-cost approach to STEM in an effort to show young people that they can innovate and create at any age, from anywhere.


Our STEM programs have students working with a range of technologies for a range of different situations and focus on hands-on, creative STEM solutions. In addition to this, we also look at how technology can be used for good as opposed to just using technology for the sake of it.


This combination of goals and guiding principles within the programs see students working to solve real world problems using low cost, current STEM tools and practices showing them that age, location and money really are no longer a barrier.

Program Units:

We have a number of future of work units that you can choose for your students. Here's what we have on offer:

New And Emerging Technologies

Our new and emerging technologies session will see students working with a range of low cost, emerging technologies to see how they can create with technology. 


With an increased focus on renewable energies as we move away from fossil fuels, we have developed a session around sustainability in transport and living that will have students exploring alternative power sources.

Ideation To Creation

Our Ideation to Creation session will see students looking at how new and emerging technologies can be used to build businesses and help solve community problems.

A City For 2100

As our cities grow bigger and our technology develops further, the way we live, work and relax are going to change rapidly over the next century. In this session, we'll be looking at what our cities might look like in the year 2100 and what we will need to do to accommodate for this in just 80 years time.

Future Technologies

Humans have spent previous decades pushing the barriers with what they can do with technology and now we are starting to see a shift to how we can safely and sensibly develop and use technology now and into the future. This session will have students looking at how we can safeguard our technology development.

Human Centred Technology

In this session we will be looking at how we can design technologies with the end user in mind. As our technology advances, research is showing we still crave human interaction. This session will look at how we can use technology to make our lives more human centric.

STEM In The Community

Our 'STEM In The Community' session will have students looking at how STEM can be used in the public setting to improve an aspect of our community whether it is by designing a product to collect rubbish, or even by developing a drone delivery solution.

Sustainable Development

This session will see students looking at how we can use technologies to help achieve and support the United Nations sustainable development goals, looking at how STEM can be used to improve communities.

Download The Full STEM Program Here: 

Makerspace Technology: 

Looking to build, open or update a makerspace or STEM hub in your community? We've pulled together some of our top technology must haves for any ideation, creation and innovation space.

Technology For The Classroom: 

Our favourite technologies for boosting student engagement

in the 21st century


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