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Building A City Of The Future With Peregian Springs State School

The BOP Team had the privilege of working with the Year 6 cohort from Peregian Springs State School in Term 3 to develop future-focused solutions for their local community. The hackathon saw students exploring some of the innovative technologies that are making an impact around the world before defining an area within their community they could redesign and incorporate new sustainable and digital features.

Students were grouped into teams of 3-5 and worked through a series of challenges posed to them throughout the day. The day kickstarted with students learning about some of the revolutionary technology that is reshaping cities, followed by a brainstorming session to explore specific locations within their neighbourhood they could redesign and use as their chosen space.

Once students had determined which space they wanted to redesign, the BOP team led a session on User Persons, in which students defined who the primary users of the space were and how they might implement solutions based on the users' needs, wants, and frustrations. The middle then session saw students learning about innovative technology and sustainable solutions that could be integrated into their concept design. This included topics such as BeeHive Bus Stops, Purifying Paint and Amazons Just Walk Out Technology.

In the final session of the day, students participated in a pitching workshop as they learned how to effectively communicate their idea. The teams then had a short amount of time to construct their pitch, finalise their concept designs and complete any digital models they had been working on throughout the day. The day concluded with each team pitching their new future-focused space to another team in an advisory-board style session to share and receive feedback.

We absolutely loved working with these incredible students and can't wait to see them become change-makers in their local community! To find out more about how we could run a similar program at your school, make sure to check out our School Incursions Page and submit an enquiry

to get in touch with our team!


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