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CHAC Designed Spaces Workshops For Year 8 Students

In term four each year, the BOP team has the absolute pleasure of working with the Year 8 cohort at Cannon Hill Anglican College over two days as part of our leading Designed Spaces program.

This two-day program is run as part of the CHAC enterprise program designed to help students develop their 21st-century skills. The cross-curricular, project-based program is designed to get the full cohort of Year 8 students looking at how they can redesign spaces around the CHAC campus to be smart, sustainable, spaces of the future.

Over the course of the two days, students work in groups to identify a space around the CHAC campus that they think could use modernising. Through a series of masterclasses, students explore innovations around the world in space design, emerging technologies, and sustainable design principles, before then bringing their ideas together to create a final concept and pitch for their vision of what their space could look like.

We have found that this program is a great way to get students to develop their skills in design thinking and user-centered design, whilst also getting their insights on things they would love to see around their school campus over the coming years. With a mix of self-directed work time, and hands-on masterclasses students are given the freedom to tailor the program to suit their interest areas as they complete the challenge.

We love working with the CHAC community to deliver this program each year and we can't wait to see the innovative ideas that students continue to generate.

If you want to find out more about how you could organise an incursion like this for your students, make sure to head to our Incursions page and fill out a contact form to get in touch with our team.


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