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Local Legends

Developing Impactful Solutions For Local Small Businesses



About The Program

The Local Legends program will see students working to develop innovative yet feasible solutions to challenges pitched to them by small businesses in their local community.

This program has been designed to get students developing their business and employability skills as they look at the real-world challenges faced by businesses in their local community, and work to apply their skills as they build impactful solutions.

Students will start the program by receiving a 'client brief' from a local small business with a challenge they are currently facing. This could include an outdated website the needs refreshing, a desire to launch on a new social media platform, increased competition in their industry, or new product requests from customers. After receiving the brief, students will work to develop an understanding of the business, their customers, their brand, and their position in the market.

Once students have developed the foundations of their understanding, they will then follow a design thinking process to develop an impactful solution for the business. During this process they will be exploring how businesses around the world are approaching this challenge, before then working to localise a solution to their business and end users. Students will finish the program by developing a pitch presentation for the local small business outlining their plans, and explaining why they believe their solution will be the most effective way to address the problem.

Age Group

This program has been designed for High School students and is recommended specifically for Grade 9-12 students.

Program Length

This program can be adapted in length to run for half a day, a full day, or two days in length.

Longer programs allow students to further develop their skills and dive deeper into the program content. Shorter programs are great as a taster experience for students touching lightly on the key topics.

Topics Covered

In this program we will be covering the following topics:

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Case Studies

The Local Legends program is a popular program with schools looking to help students develop their employability skills in the realms of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Examples of how schools have utilised this program in the past include:

Brisbane State High School | Year 10: A half day workshop delivered at the start of the term to get Year 10 business students exploring a diverse range of challenges pitched by local organisations as part of their assessment item.

St Andrew's Anglican College | Year 12: A half day workshop delivered at the start of the year for Year 12 Business students looking at how a local hotel can use technology or sustainability to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

St Pauls School | Year 7-10: A two day hackathon for all Year 7-10 students to get them developing impactful solutions to challenges presented to them by local small businesses.

We understand that every school and every class is different. That is why our team of experienced facilitators work with every client to tailor each program to their context.

Let's Chat

We understand that every school and every class is different. If you'd like to chat further about how we can make this program the best fit for your context, book a free 15-minute call with our team of facilitators to chat further! 

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If you would like to organise a program for your students, make sure to submit an enquiry below and our team will be in touch to help bring your program to life!

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