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Scott Millar

Chief Troublemaker (CEO) At BOP Industries

Hi, I'm Scott!

I'm the 24-years-old CEO and founder of BOP Industries, one of the top 30 under 30 business leaders for ANZ, Young Small Business Leader for Queensland, APAC Inspiring Young Leader, a two time TEDx Speaker, Griffith University Entrepreneur In Residence, Australia China Innovation Centre Ambassador, and an LGBT+ advocate.

I started my company, BOP Industries, as a grade 9 business project with a group of friends when I was 14. We started by selling keyrings at local markets and the company quickly grew to see me now as a 22-year-old running a leading Australian education company.


It's been a rollercoaster of a ride, but along my journey, I've partied with prime ministers, met CEOs, worked with companies big and small, and had the immense pleasure of working with over 100,000 students in over 36 locations around the world. 

Today I find myself doing a diverse range of things from lecturing MBA students at leading universities, working with educators to update their curriculum, collaborating with industry partners to help them engage top young talent in their workforce, and speaking at events and conferences about a range of topics including generation z, the future of work, and innovation.​

Scott Millar BOP Industries
Scott Millar
Chief Troublemaker (CEO)
Top Program: Innovation In Aviation
Top Destination: Singapore
Why Aren't You Boring: I'm A Total Plane Nerd And Love All Things Aviation
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