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Maddie Panther

Program Manager At BOP Industries

Hi I’m Maddie!


I’m a Program Manager and Lead Facilitator at BOP Industries with a background in Business, Media & Communications and Teaching. I've been with BOP Industries for over 2 years now and am passionate about empowering the next generation of young professionals to reach their full potential.


Straight out of high-school I completed a double degree in Business (marketing major) and Media & Communications. In mid 2022, I added Masters of Teaching (Primary) to my list of degrees! I am incredibly enthusiastic about mindset and personal growth, so I enjoy connecting with students and having thought-provoking conversations about their interests and future aspirations.

Since working at BOP I have had the opportunity to travel across Australia delivering programs to students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability. One of my favourite travel experiences so far would have to be flying to Perth and delivering the Innovation in Education Festival.


My favourite program so far has been BYCC Young Business Leaders; I loved working with high-school students on practical business ideas and being able to support them with my expertise in business - specifically marketing, social media and finding customers.

Maddie Panther
Program Manager
Top Program: Young Business Leaders 
Top Destination: Perth
Why Aren't You Boring: I'm a little Miss Chatterbox and can always guarantee an interesting conversation - I love connecting with new people! 
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