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Emma Hills

Operations Manager At BOP Industries

Hi I’m Emma!


I’m the Operations Manager at BOP Industries with a background in Business Management and Sustainability. I’ve been with BOP Industries for over two years and am passionate about helping to organise incredible opportunities for students of all ages.


When I graduated high-school I went straight into university and completed a double degree in Business and International Business (Management Major). In 2021 I then graduated once again, this time pivoting and completing a Masters of Global Development specialising in sustainability and climate action. I am passionate about sustainable development and leadership, so I enjoy working with students of all ages to bring their ideas off the paper and into the real world.


Since working at BOP I have had the pleasure of meeting an amazing amount of students as I manage all the logistics for all of our programming. As well as liaising with our industry partners to arrange exciting opportunities for students around Australia, whilst also managing all of our education events.


My favourite program so far has been our Sustainable Futures school holiday program where we worked with students of all ages across the Gold Coast to develop a sustainable city of a future. It was incredible to see all the innovative ideas students had and how passionate they are about the cause.

Emma Boyd
Operations Manager
Top Program: Sustainable Futures
Top Destination: Adelaide
Why Aren't You Boring: I love all and every book! I own over 800 books, and am slowly growing my own private library!
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