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Sophie Diehm

Program Coordinator At BOP Industries

Hi, I’m Sophie!


I’m a Program Coordinator at BOP Industries with a background in Creative Industries and Teaching. Through my 2 years at BOP, my passion for inspiring and empowering young people to be creative has only grown.


After finishing high school, I went straight into studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama (majoring in Film and Production Content), where my creative and organisational skills thrived as I managed many theatre and film productions. I decided to pursue a career in education and completed my Masters of Teaching (Secondary). From this course, I gained an appreciation for student-centred and real-world learning, which is a core part of my work at BOP. 


A highlight of my role so far would have to be helping to bring The Next Gen Awards to life. Watching these young innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders showcase their projects and ideas has been truly inspiring. From tackling environmental challenges to championing social justice causes, the creativity and dedication displayed by these students never ceases to amaze me. 


My favourite program so far has been our CHAC Designed Spaces Program. I loved working with students to develop their creative and thoughtful designs for particular precincts in their school - specifically on how these spaces are designed for all users and prioritise accessibility.

One of my favourite units of work we've built is definitely The Future Of Sport. Students come up with the most amazing and innovative ideas, from a stadium built right on Surfer's Paradise beach with a viewing platform to inclusive noise-cancelling seating options. 

Sophie Diehm
Program Coordinator
Top Program: Designed Spaces
Top Destination: Sydney
Why Aren't You Boring: I Can Play 5 Musical Instruments
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