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Schooling In The Metaverse

Exploring The Technologies Changing The Way We Teach And Learn



About The Program

There is no question that technology today is dramatically changing the way we live, work and learn. As our lives become increasingly digital, we as learners and educators need to consider the role technology will play in the future of our schools, and the future of our workplaces.

In our 'Schooling In The Metaverse' program, students will be challenged to design a school of the future as they consider what their school would look like in the metaverse. Over the course of the program, students will be taking a design thinking approach as they participate in masterclasses, individual work time and design sprints before pitching their final solutions at the end of the program.

As students redesign their school of the future, they will be challenged to consider the following three elements:

The Technology:

In the coming years, technology is set to become a significant element of education, as numerous future job opportunities will be heavily reliant on tech-driven skills and expertise. As students work to build their solutions, they will need to think of the following questions:

- What New Technology Will You Recommend For Your School?

- What Purpose Does It Serve?

The Content:

With the workforce rapidly transitioning towards a tech-centric landscape, schools must adapt their curriculum to align with these changes in order to prepare students for the future of work. As students work to build their solutions, they will be challenged to think of the following questions:

- What New Content And Subjects Will You Recommend For Your School?

- How Will This Support Students?

The Space:

If learning will take place primarily in the metaverse, where will students be required to go? Students will need to figure out how their school might adapt a hybrid or fully virtual learning environment. As they work to build their solutions, they will need to think of the following questions:

- How Will The Learning Environment Change In The Future?

- How Will Your School Use The Metaverse To Enhance Education?

Age Group

This program has been designed for High School students and is recommended specifically for Grade 9-12 students with an interest in STEM.

Program Length

This program can be adapted in length to run for half a day, one day, or two days in length.

Longer programs allow students to further develop their skills and dive deeper into the program content. Shorter programs are great as a taster experience for students touching lightly on the key topics.

Topics Covered

In this program we will be covering the following topics:

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Case Studies

The Schooling In The Metaverse program is a popular program with schools looking to educate students about new and emerging technologies as they explore the future of work and provide an authentic youth perspective on the future of education.

Examples of how schools have utilised this program in the past include:

Mansfield State High School | Year 9: A two day program for Year 9 Technology Excellence students hosted at The Precinct and in partnership with The Queensland Artificial Intelligence Hub and the Queensland Extended Reality Hub.

We understand that every school and every class is different. That is why our team of experienced facilitators work with every client to tailor each program to their context.

Let's Chat

We understand that every school and every class is different. If you'd like to chat further about how we can make this program the best fit for your context, book a free 15-minute call with our team of facilitators to chat further! 

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If you would like to organise a program for your students, make sure to submit an enquiry below and our team will be in touch to help bring your program to life!

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