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Explore our favourite tech for the 21st-century classroom in 2022! Our focus for 2022 is virtual tools to enhance student learning and in this resource, we've included the digital tools we've been loving! 


Over the past 60 years we have seen technology advance in leaps and bounds as our devices have become smaller, more powerful, and more accessible. Today, it's not unusual to see a toddler operating their parent's phone to play with their favorite app before they are old enough to form full sentences.


Whilst we have seen consumer-facing technology advance rapidly in this time, educational technologies have been advancing just as quickly.


As educators, we are all working to find new ways to engage our students in their learning as we work to deliver truly memorable learning experiences. One tool often overlooked to create these experiences, however, is technology.


Often seen as too expensive, too complicated to set up, or too risky if something goes wrong, it can be easy to rule out technology as an effective teaching tool for any subject area, but we wanted to create this resource to show you some of our favourite tech tools for the classroom.


This resource is filled with a selection of our favourite EdTech tools and some of our top tips on how these tools can be used in subjects ranging from history to business, english, science, and more!


The best part of all of these tools is also the fact that they are either low cost, or completely free, and they are all incredibly easy to set up and use in the classroom.


We hope you enjoy using these tools as much as we do, and we can't wait to hear about the experiences you create for your students!



What's In The Resource:

- 1 Page Overview Of The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom 

- 6 Of Our Top Tech Recommendations For 2022

- Links And Recommendations To Help You Implement Technology Into Your Classroom

Technology For The 21st Century Classroom 2022 Edition - Free Resource

  • This is a free download available for parents, teachers and students around the world. To download this resource, just add this (and as many other resources as you like) to your cart and check out as you normally would. You will be able to download these straight away without being charged. 

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