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Building Businesses At St Peters Lutheran College

The Business Builders program was an exciting and educational opportunity for students to spend their school holidays learning about entrepreneurship and business. Hosted at St Peters Lutheran College, the two-day program provided an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in developing and building their own business ideas. The program was designed to cater to students of different ages and skill levels, offering two streams, one for primary and one for high-school students. The activities were similar in both streams, but were tailored and adjusted to the appropriate level of difficulty for each group.

Over the course of 2-days, students worked individually or in pairs to brainstorm and develop a business concept that addresses a market gap or fulfils a consumer need. Once students had decided on their business idea, they engaged in an action-packed program to assist them in building their business.

The students participated in workshops that covered a range of topics, including creating user personas, designing a product or service, developing a brand, creating a marketing plan, and perfecting their pitch.

The user persona workshop helped students understand their target audience and create a customer profile.

The product/service design workshop focused on creating a unique and desirable product or service. The branding workshop helped students develop a strong brand identity for their business. The marketing workshop provided students with the tools and strategies to effectively promote their business. Lastly, the pitching workshop helped students to effectively communicate their business idea to potential investors and customers.

We had such a fun time working with these students and can't wait to see their businesses grow! To find out more about how we could run a similar program with young people in your local community, make sure to check out our School Holiday Programs and submit an enquiry to get in touch with our team!


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