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Community-Focused School Holiday Programs With The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre

Community-Focused School Holiday Programs With The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre

Over the Easter school holidays in 2022, we teamed up with the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre to host a series of programs for primary and secondary students focussed on 21st-century skills and community programs. With our team travelling to Hervey Bay to deliver these programs, workshops aimed to inspire and educate young people on the possibilities of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Over the course of three days, students participated in Digital Creators, Designed Spaces, and Business Builders programs. On the first day, students explored emerging technologies and discussed the ethical and social ramifications of their use, such as robots and human rights, 3D printed food, and robot delivery dogs. Hands-on experiences included working with Spheros, 3D printing pens, and augmented reality drawing with the Quiver app.

Community-Focused School Holiday Programs With The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre

The Designed Spaces program allowed students to redesign local areas in the Hervey Bay community to make them more sustainable, technological, and fun for citizens. Students investigated thought-provoking innovations from around the world and reflected on what current public spaces in their community look like. They also learnt about sustainable practices and presented their ideas to the local council. We had such a blast with the Mayor visiting this program to chat to the students and hear their ideas, as well as WIN News and Channel 7 News coming to showcase the amazing work the students were creating.

On the final day, students built and created a launch strategy for their own business ideas. They explored popular trends, other entrepreneurial journeys, and existing products or services. They then utilised user-centred design, developed customer personas, and performed competitor analysis. Students also built their branding, including picking brand colours and values, and designing a logo. Finally, they prepared for their business launch by creating an MVP and determining pricing strategies, and delivered a pitch to investors.

We had such a fun time working with these students and can't wait to see their ideas grow!

To find out more about how we could run a similar program with young people in your local community, make sure to check out our School Holiday Programs and submit an enquiry to get in touch with our team!


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