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How To Start A Side Hustle

Our 'How To Start A Side Hustle' session will see students looking at how they can build and run their own side hustle as they go through high school. Looking at how they can create a small business doing something they love such as freelancing, offering a service, or selling homemade or sourced products, they will be building the foundations of their side hustles.


Topics Covered:

  • Building An Ecommerce Brand

  • Analysing Your Favourite Brands 

  • Finding A Product

  • Identifying Your Customers

  • Creating A Brand 

  • Pitching 101


Age Group: This program can be tailored to students from grades 7-12. 


Time Length: We would recommend running this program over 1-3 hours, however, it can be tailored for shorter or longer time periods depending on how deep you would like us to go on the topics.

How To Start A Side Hustle

  • We have created this listing as an overview of the workshop and approximate pricing. For more information and to book, please contact our team at and we will be happy to assist.

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