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Young people today are thinking very differently about the world around them, and their place in that world, when compared to any other generation that has come before. Research continues to show that Generation Z are passionate about making a difference in the world, whilst also having more freedom to do work that they are passionate about.


With this, over recent years we have seen young people around the world building and launching their own businesses, social enterprises, and community change initiatives.


These businesses often start out powered by nothing but a device and an internet connection, but with the right combination of passion, determination and drive, young people around the world are generating their own incomes by building businesses they absolutely love.


The best part of building a business today is that there are no set rules around what sort of person you have to be to build a business. Whilst you might often think about very important looking people in suits and ties, today some of the most successful CEOs wear jeans and a t-shirt. In today's world, you don't need to have years of experience or lots of qualifications to run a business either; quite often the most effective and knowledgeable business leaders are the ones that love what they do and truly understand the product they are trying to sell and who they are trying to sell it to.


When it comes to building a great business as a young person, the best thing to do is to just start and then learn as you go!


What's In This Resource:

- Our Top Young Entrepreneurs To Follow 

- 1 Page Background On Business Basics 

- 1 Page On Finding Your Business Idea

- 2 Pages On Customer Personas 

- 2 Pages On Product Design 

- 2 Pages On Branding

- 1 Page On Online Tools

The Young Entrepreneur Starter Kit - Free Resource

  • This is a free download available for parents, teachers and students around the world. To download this resource, just add this (and as many other resources as you like) to your cart and check out as you normally would. You will be able to download these straight away without being charged. 

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