Virgin Australia Japan Route Launch

In November, the Virgin Australia team received approval to launch a new route from Brisbane to Tokyo, signifying the brand breaking into a new market previous untapped. For this new route, Virgin Australia wanted to find new ways to engage passengers and offer unique experiences onboard their aircraft to stand out from competitors.

As part of this project they engaged BOP to field ideas from some of VA's junior aviators on how the airline can create a new and innovative experience for passengers on this route.

For this project we developed a three day program for students from across the state that saw them working with VA staff at their head offices in Brisbane and out at the airport to gain an understanding of the airline before then developing a project plan and pitch for the VA executives on what these new routes should look like.

With everything considered from the aircraft fit-out to in-flight entertainment and menu, the marketing, route launch celebrations, engagement strategies and more; primary and high school students then pitched these ideas to the VA team for feedback and for the team to incorporate winning ideas into the new route.

This was not only an incredibly effective exercise for the VA team, but a once in a life-time experience for students.

Since running this program we've had the opportunity to take challenges and case studies from our industry program and apply it to our school workshops in the classroom.

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