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Future Gold Coast Young Innovators Day With The City Of Gold Coast

In partnership, the City Of Gold Coast and BOP Industries delivered the Future Gold Coast Young Innovators Day, tailored to spark inspiration and self-assurance in young minds. This initiative was thoughtfully curated to unveil how the youth could contribute to the city's growth and global progress.

The Future Gold Coast Young Innovators Day saw over 100 students reimagine the future of the Gold Coast and delve into the exciting world of emerging technology and engineering careers. By fostering an environment where students could think big, tackle out-of-the-box challenges, and connect directly with STEM industry leaders, the Future Gold Coast program aimed to bridge the gap between schools and industry.

The program featured enlightening panel discussions. Speakers from diverse sectors of Gold Coast's STEM landscape shared insights into their career trajectories, broke stereotypes, highlighted opportunities, and discussed obstacles. Their stories inspired and empowered students to explore a multitude of paths within Gold Coast's evolving landscape.

The day was broken into three sessions, with each session having students hear from panelists from the City Of Gold Coast. Following these presentations, students then participated in a challenge surrounding the future of work, the opportunities available to young people, and the exciting things happening in technology and engineering on the Gold Coast.

The program was structured as follows:

Block One | Building Future Cities: To start the day, students delved into examining how building cities shapes the way we live, work, and play. They gained insights from various engineers representing the City Of Gold Coast, learning about the diverse roles essential to make a city fully functional.

Block Two | The Future Of Work: In this block, students learnt about the future of work as they begin crafting their own personal brand as a young professional. Students explored some of the upcoming and emerging innovations and careers in technology and urban design.

Block Three | Digital Futures: Before we concluded, students heard from various IT professionals about their experiences working for the City Of Gold Coast, before developing their own digital solution for Gold Coast citizens.

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