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Corporate Programs

A big part of what we do at BOP is connecting the classroom with the real world, and working with young people around the world to show them the amazing things they can do regardless of their age or postcode. As part of this, we love to work with festivals, libraries, councils, and corporates to develop and deliver programs to their communities of young people. 


Our team has the ability to run off the shelf programs to engage students, or develop tailor-made programs for your industry, challenge or focus area to get young people innovating and creating with your organisation in mind. 

Here are some of our recent projects in the classroom:

QFCC Youth Advisory Council

Online workshops for Youth Advisory Council members across Queensland with the Queensland Family And Child Comission.

Cross River Rail Resources

Working with the Cross River Rail to develop a series of educational workbooks, workshops and resources for teachers and students.

World Science Festival

Hands-on workshops and technology activations for attendees between 6-86 on innovation, community and STEM.

Virgin Australia Innovation Camp

Working with Virgin Australia develop and deliver aviation-themed school holiday programs and resources for primary and high school students. 

Ipswich Libraries

A series of online after school programs on the future of work for high school students across the Ipswich region.

Central Queensland University

Science Experience days for high school students in Regional Queensland to get them thinking big about opportunities. 

Engagement Opportunities

At BOP we have the immense pleasure of working with a range of corporate and government partners and clients to deliver programs to students around the world. Here are a few ways you can engage us:

- School Holidays: Over the school holidays we host a number of school holiday 'Innovation Camp' programs with organisations across the country. These camps see us bringing 30 primary or high school students in for a three day innovation camp program facilitated by our team and hosted at your offices. 

- Resource Development: Community engagement is incredibly important for organisations big and small. For a number of our clients, we have the pleasure of developing a series of industry-specific resources and workbooks for students and teachers across the country. 

- General Programs: We also work closely with a number of libraries and councils to develop and deliver general school holiday and after school programs for students on a myriad of topics.

- Hackathons: Organisations around the world are now turning to young people to develop out of the box solutions to the challenges facing them now and into the future. As part of this, we love teaming up with partners to host hackathons and masterclasses for young people.  

- Competitions: Another great way to engage young people is through running competitions. At BOP we are experienced in developing, launching and running competitions for young people across the country.

- Advisory Boards: With Generation Z dubbed as the 'digital natives', we're seeing organisations around appointing youth advisory boards to consult with them on a number of future focussed topics. One of our specialties at BOP is developing and facilitating these youth advisory boards for organisations and government departments. 

Our Values

At BOP we create programs that you wouldn't typically see in a standard classroom. We focus on innovation in education and aim to build unique experiences for students that help them explore pathways and opportunities they hadn't previously considered. Everything we do is created by young people, for young people and is bolstered with industry knowledge and academic fundamentals. We have a few key pillars that shape the work we do, these are:


We strongly believe in building true multipotentialites; students with a range of interests in diverse areas. Research shows the students require diverse skillsets for success and we encourage this.

Student Centred

The student is at the centre of all we do at BOP. Our programs are developed by young people, for young people and we work to create content students will enjoy consuming and working with first and foremost.

Real, Relevant, Relatable

Historically the three R's of education have always been Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. As we prepare our students for the workforce of the future we have redefined our three R's to ensure everything we do is Real, Relevant and Relatable.

The Power Of Gen Z

Generation Z, our digital natives, are growing up in a world unlike that of any other generation. Because of this they think in a very different way. At BOP we encourage our students to think big and share their ideas, opinions and views on the work they're doing.

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If you're interested in getting our team to work with your team to help inspire and engage young people in your local community, please click the button below to access a contact form. We have the absolute pleasure of working with organisations around the world and we look forward to working with you soon! 

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