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The Future Of Creative Arts With The Australian Dance Collective (ADC)

In 2023, the Australian Dance Collective (ADC) launched a world first project called Lucie In The Sky that combined six dancers and five drones on stage together to bring together art and technology. Over the course of the show, attendees saw drones choreographed using human movement patterns to emulate emotions and personalities.

With this world-first project taking place in Brisbane, Australia, and experts from around the world engaged to bring the work to life, ADC wanted to ensure this project was showcased to our next generation of young creatives and young innovators.

To do this, they teamed up with BOP to host a Young Innovators Day called Reinventing The Arts.

Reinventing The Arts is a full-day program for high school students delivered in partnership with Australasian Dance Collective with the aim of inspiring young people to pursue a career in the Arts, whilst showcasing the careers that exist in the intersection of arts and technology.

Hosted at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), students started the day by hearing from ADC's Creative Director about how Lucie In The Sky came to life and the range of complexities that had to be considered when choreographic a live show on stage with dancers and drones.

From there students explored the jobs of the future as they unpacked some of the career pathways they could follow combining arts and technology. During this time they worked to understand the jobs required to bring a show like Lucie In The Sky to life, and backwards mapped these roles to identify the skills and experience they may require to work on similar projects in their careers.

After a short morning tea break, students came back to hear from a panel discussion of ADC team as they all shared their diverse range of expertise and how their different skillsets combined to develop Lucie In The Sky. After the panel discussion, students were then challenged to apply their learnings to another sector of the arts to reimagine what dance, performing arts, acting, or music might look like in the next 20 years with new and emerging technologies.

After an action-packed morning of learning, students then joined the audience for a performance of Lucie In The Sky so they could see the show in action.

To find out more about how you could host a program like this for your organisation, head to:


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