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Sustainable Futures For STEM Students At Gladstone Science Experience

Each year, the BOP team has the pleasure of heading up to Gladstone to work with 60 Year 9-10 STEM students from across Central Queensland in partnership with Central Queensland University and The Science Experience. Delivering one day, out of the three day program, our team is encouraged to find new ways to show these young people all the amazing opportunities available to them in the STEM space. It's a highlight of our year, and our 2021 program was no exception.

For our 2021 program, we had the pleasure of spending a full day working with these students to explore Sustainable Futures. With the program focussing heavily on sustainable design, STEM, and design thinking we found that this was a great way to get students exploring STEM in their local community as they considered the elements required to bring an eco-friendly STEM innovation to life.

Over the course of the day, we had students identifying the sustainability challenges in their community, before then looking at what communities around the world were doing to tackle similar challenges. After getting some global inspiration, students then took time to understand the users they would have to consider in their community, and the different design considerations they would have to include. From there, we spent time localising their solutions and then developing a final pitch to outline their plans.

Our Sustainable Futures program was a great way to get students inspired and engaged with their STEM learning and the feedback from students was incredibly positive. To find out more about how you can get a program like this to inspire your STEM students, make sure to check out our STEM Incursions page and fill out the contact form to start chatting with one of our team.


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