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Rio Tinto Zero Waste Mining Programs

The future of work is changing so rapidly it can be daunting for young people today to decide what the best career pathway is for them. We often see students looking for ways to gain experience in industries before choosing their tertiary pathways, and also looking for the career pathways that might not always be listed in the careers book.

Rio Tinto came to us with this exact challenge. As a mining company, Rio Tinto were looking at how they can showcase their use of advanced technologies, sustainability practices and community consultation processes to students looking at possible career pathways.

To help solve this challenge we had the please of teaming up with Rio Tinto to develop our 'Zero Waste Mining' program for high school students. With program variations ranging from one hour to three days, this program was designed to get students looking at how they could design a truly zero waste mine of the future.

Developed along side the Rio Tinto team to ensure we were highlighting the latest in industry trends and technologies, we had the please of launching this program with a group of students at Methodist Ladies College in Perth as part of their year 10 career exploration program.

From there the program has continued to grow and evolve and has since been run in schools across Australia with students exploring innovative opportunities in Australia's largest industry.

To find out how you can create programs like this for your organisation, make sure to view our Corporate Engagements page. If you'd like to get these programs in your classroom, make sure to Contact Us.


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