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Personal Branding Brought To Life At St Paul's Centre For Innovators And Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wanted to build your own personal brand and become an influencer? Perhaps you want to be the world-renowned green thumb, or known across the country for your amazing recipes? At the St Paul's School Centre For Innovators And Entrepreneurs, we had the pleasure of working with teachers and students to show them how they could do just that!

In Term Two our team delivered two masterclasses with the St Paul's community on how they can build their own personal brands around their passions. From finding your niche to deciding on a brand voice, choosing the platform for you and identifying the right content for your brand, we had two action-packed masterclasses with the community to show them how they could bring their personal brands to life.

This was delivered as part of a breakfast series delivered by the Centre For Innovators And Entrepreneurs that saw teachers, parents and students able to attend 60 minute before school masterclasses to develop their skills, passions and projects.

We had such a blast working with these students and teachers and we can't wait to see their brilliant brands come to life!

To find out how you can organise a BOP Masterclass at your school, head on over to our Masterclass Page, or Contact Us to start the conversation.


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