BOP Masterclasses

Giving Your Students The Tools To Bring Their Ideas To Life

If you're looking for a way to give your students the tools to bring their ideas to life, a BOP Masterclass might be just what you're looking for! Delivered either in person or online, these 50-minute masterclasses will see your students working with our team as we dive deep into a specific skill.   

Here's what we have on offer!

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Branding And Marketing

In this masterclass, we will be working with students to create brands that pop as they find ways to help make their business stand out from the rest.

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Product Design 

In our Product Design masterclass we will be working with students to help them design products that their customers will love as we work through a user centred design process!  

Vlogging And Blogging Workshop Program _ BOP Industries

Blogging And Vlogging

In our Vlogging And Blogging masterclass we will be exploring some of the fundamentals of creating great content as we explore vlogging and blogging as young people.

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Business Model

In our Business Model masterclass, students will be exploring the different ways they can make money by turning their passions into viable businesses with strong business models. 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Workshop Program _ BOP Industries

Minimum Viable Product

In our Minimum Viable Product masterclass we'll be looking at how students can create the base versions of their products to get feedback and grow from there!

Building Your Personal Brand Workshop Program _ BOP Industries

Building Your Personal Brand 

Our Building Your Personal Brand masterclass has been designed to get students looking at how they can build their personal brands as young professionals.

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In this masterclass, we will be working with students to look at how they can build engaging pitches to clearly communicate their ideas, businesses and projects.

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App Design

In this masterclass, participants will be learning about app design by looking at their favourite apps to see why they are so popular before then looking at designing their own app.

Linkedin 101 Workshop Program _ BOP Industries

LinkedIn 101

In our LinkedIn 101 masterclass we'll be working with students to learn how they can create engaging LinkedIn profiles and start building their network.

How These Programs Run

We are able to customise these masterclasses to work with your timetable, students and desired outcomes. This is how a typical masterclass would run: 

In Person Masterclasses

If you're looking to get our team to work with your students in the classroom, here is what you need to know:

Recommended Class Size: 30-50 Students Per Session 

Time Lenth: 60 - 120 Minutes Per Session 

Recommended Age Group: Grade 4 - 12 Students  

Cost: $400 + GST Per Hour

We would recommend having the class set up with students sitting at tables in groups of four with a projector or screen at the front of the classroom. Our team will bring all the materials required for the program and depending on the masterclass, we may ask for students to have access to devices. 

This is a great way to get students excited ahead of a unit of work, or to help further their knowledge throughout the term!

Online Masterclasses

If you're based interstate or regionally, we'd love to work with your students through an online masterclass. Here's what you need to know:

Recommended Class Size: Up To 500 Students  

Time Lenth: 50 Minutes Per Session 

Recommended Age Group: Grade 4 - 12 Students  

Cost: $400 + GST Per Hour

For the online masterclass, we can have students joining from their own devices on campus or at home. Alternatively, we can have teachers joining the call and projecting to the screen for the students in the classroom. 

In these masterclasses, our team will develop a PDF workbook for students to complete as our team delivers the masterclass through Zoom or Microsoft teams. 

Past Clients

Since launching our Masterclasses we've had the pleasure of working with a range of schools and students. Here are some of our favourite case studies.


Rivermount Business Masterclass 

We spent an afternoon working with the Rivermount College Year 9 students to deliver a Business Masterclass to give them a taste of business as a subject.


Haileybury Incubator Project

We delivered a series of masterclasses over the course of the year to help the Haileybury Year 9 students bring their projects to life!


Personal Branding At St Paul's

At St Paul's we delivered two masterclasses to teachers, parents, and students on how they can build and grow their personal brands!

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