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LORDS Pitching Masterclass For Year 9 Students

Throughout 2020/2021 we have found ourselves developing a series of short and sharp masterclasses to help students develop their skills in specific areas. With masterclass topics ranging from business models 101, to website and app design, branding and marketing, and more, we have loved delivering these 60-90 minute sessions in classrooms across the country.

One example of these masterclasses was with Lutheran Ormeau Rivers District School (LORDS) as we delivered a 90-minute Pitching Masterclass for their Year 9 students. This masterclass was run as part of their Year 9 English subject that saw students creating or find a visual ad that breaks down myths about homelessness before pitching the ad to a professional.

For this masterclass, our BOP team had the pleasure of working with the whole Year 9 cohort to get them looking at what makes an effective pitch. In this session we spent time analysing pitches to look at body language, use of pauses, eye contact, and visual aides, before then having a go ourselves.

This was a super high energy and fun masterclass that got students up and moving around as they were asked to develop on-the-spot pitches about weird and whacky topics to build their confidence, experience, and overall pitching skills.

To find out more about how you can organise a masterclass like this for your students, head over to the Masterclass Page on our website and fill out a contact form to chat further with our team.


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