Designed Spaces

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, so does the way we work, live and play.


Our cities, communities and spaces continue to develop and change to keep up to date with or increasingly diverse and demanding needs and as future leaders we need to understand how our spaces function and understand how different members of our communities use our spaces in different ways.


The 'Designed Spaces' program has been designed to get students thinking about the spaces they use to connect, collaborate and learn at the college on a daily basis, and to think about how they can redesign these spaces to keep up with society's ever changing needs. With the increased use of technology in aspects of our lives, the spaces we interact with will need to be redesigned to accommodate these technological advancements. 


This program focuses on the principles of human centered design as students draw on the problem solving skills and empathy in their designs. The Designed Spaces Program allows students with different skill sets to work together as they explore creative thinking through their designs, and critical thinking as they work to reimagine a particular space around the college. Students will be exploring different aspects of space design including how designers make considerations for accessibility and designing for persons with disabilities. 


With strong links to mathematics, technology, business, and humanities, this program is a great way to engage students in cross curricular project based learning to build their skills whilst encouraging them to be more conscious citizens.  


Topics Covered:

  • Spaces Around The World 

  • Technology In Our Spaces

  • Sustainable Design

  • User Centred Design 

  • Project Proposals

  • Budgeting

  • Pitching 


​Age Group: This program has been designed for High School students.


Time Length: This program has been designed to deliver over the course of 1-2 days.

Designed Spaces

Time Length
Age Group
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