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As we start to see a big shift in the way we work, live and do business, entrepreneurial skills have been identified as crucial for success in the workforce of the future. With teenagers building businesses in high school, taking business calls between classes and graduating with fully functioning businesses to manage, it's imperative that we support our students in developing and building these skills in a safe and supportive environment whilst they are still at school.

One of the main reasons entrepreneurship has received so much praise is because it teaches students skills such as critical and creative thinking, teamwork, big picture thinking and effective communication in a real world setting with instant results. Whilst we understand that not every student is going to continue to build their own businesses, we endeavour to teach entrepreneurial skills into order to develop the mindset and transferrable skills that students will use across industries, careers and countries regardless of their career path after they graduate.

In our entrepreneurship and business program, we have designed a series of units that can be adapted to students in primary school, high school and university to walk them through the business lifecycle - from the seed and startup stage, through to business maturity. These units utilise real-world case studies, hands on learning and are aimed at showing students that age and location are no longer a barrier; they can do amazing things at any age, from anywhere.

All of our programs have also been aligned to the Australian Curriculum and are designed to complement student learning in the classroom.

Program Units:

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