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Business Inspiration Ahead Of Subject Selection - Rivermount College

In the lead up to subject selection, students are often looking for opportunities to test and trail a range of different subjects before making their final decision.

At Rivermount College, they are offering business as a subject for the first time to their Year 9 cohort. As part of that they asked our 21-year-old CEO and Founder Scott if he could come out to show the students some of the exciting places that business can take you, as well as some of the real world applications for these skills.

For this, Scott went to the school to work with the entire Year 9 cohort and delivered an action packed 100 minute session to give them a taste of what to expect. Starting with a keynote on his story, Scott shared a bit about his journey turning a grade nine business project into a thriving business throughout high school. From there, Scott got the students working hard and thinking big as they developed their own business ideas in just one hour.

With ideas ranging from custom flavour ice cream businesses to e-commerce jewellery brands, students focused on products they could resell, or make themselves, ready to sell in the local community.

In the action packed hour, students would spend time deciding on a business name, identifying customers, building their brand and even deciding on a product line.

We had such a great time working with these students and we can't wait to see the amazing ideas they come up with!

To find out more about how you can get a workshop like this at your school, make sure to check out our School Incursion Page to browse programs and find out the details.


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