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Your Digital Wellbeing - Cybersafety Program

Ensuring We're Happy And Healthy In Our Digital World



About The Program

With our society spending more time online than ever before, a growing number of young people are noticing a direct correlation between their digital habits and their mental health at an early age. 

In this program, we will be exploring the concept of digital wellbeing and the mental health effects that come with excessive digital usage. The program will commence with students exploring the role of technology in our world, as they do a stocktake on how much time they are spending online each day, and how that time is divided between platforms and tasks. 

From there, we will be looking at the impacts of excessive digital usage and the impact it can have on your mental health, physical health, academic performance, and relationships with friends and family. 

Once students have developed their knowledge and understanding of digital addiction, we will be challenging them to design a physical product or digital app to help a member of the community struggling with digital addiction. Taking a design thinking approach, students will be researching digital addiction, and looking at how communities around the world are tackling the issue before they then design a localised solution for users in their community. 

After students have developed and pitched their digital addiction solutions, we'll finish the session by looking at our digital footprint and how we can make a conscious effort to ensure we are proud of how we appear online, especially when considering potential career pathways and future ambitions. 

This is a thought-provoking session designed to get students to discussing how they manage technology in their life, and exploring solutions to take care of their digital wellbeing. 

Age Group

This program has been designed for High School students and is recommended specifically for Grade 7-12 students.

Program Length

This program can be adapted in length to run for one hour, two hours, or three hours in length.

Longer programs allow students to further develop their skills and dive deeper into the program content. Shorter programs are great as a taster experience for students touching lightly on the key topics.

Topics Covered

In this program we will be covering the following topics:

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Case Studies

The Your Digital Wellbeing program is a popular program with schools looking to provide students with a real, relevant, and relatable introduction to cybersafety.

Examples of how schools have utilised this program in the past include:

QASMT Cybersafety Workshops | Year 7-9: A full day of cybersafety workshops for Year 7-9 students ahead of their school holidays. To find out more, click here.

TAFE Queensland DigiTrek | General Public: A selection of resources and hands on activities to teach the general public about cybersafety. To find out more, click here.

IBM Cybersafety Workshops | Year 7-10: A national tour of cybersafety workshops for grade 7-10 students in schools across Australia.

We understand that every school and every class is different. That is why our team of experienced facilitators work with every client to tailor each program to their context.

Let's Chat

We understand that every school and every class is different. If you'd like to chat further about how we can make this program the best fit for your context, book a free 15-minute call with our team of facilitators to chat further! 

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