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Helping Teachers Build Their Personal Brand At The Innovation In Education Festival

Teacher professional development is one of our favourite things to do here at BOP as our team of innovative educators share their insights, tools and advice to educators across the country and around the world looking to inspire and empower their students.

One of our areas of expertise is helping educators build their personal brand.

We quite often find that with the busyness of our days, finding time to whip up a LinkedIn post or craft a blog post seems like the last thing we have time for. But as educators look for ways to better connect their classrooms with the team world, building a strong personal brand is essential to network, access opportunities and learn.

At the Innovation In Education Festivals in both Brisbane and Perth the BOP team had the pleasure of delivering a 'Personal Branding' masterclass to show primary and high school educators how they can build their digital identity, launch and optimise their Linked profile and use their personal brand to access opportunities for their students.

With our team sharing tangible takeaways, our favourite technology tools, and advice on how to do all of this in the most efficient way possible, we've loved seeing attendees of the masterclasses launching and growing their digital profiles as they access opportunities, build their networks and share the amazing work they are leading in the classroom.

To find out more about how we might be able to help upskill your educators, make sure to check out our Professional Development Programs and Contact Us to chat with our team about program options.


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