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Industry Partnerships For Schools With Independent Schools Queensland

At BOP we pride ourselves on being the conduits between schools and industry. We have the pleasure of working with a series of amazing industry leaders wanting to help inspire and empower the next generation, whilst also working with a number of innovative educators looking to deliver real, relevant, and relatable learning experiences for students.

As part of this work, at BOP we had the pleasure of teaming up with Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) for their 'Future Schools' project to help give six independent schools across the state the opportunity to learn how to build effective industry partnerships in their communities.

Working alongside the ISQ team, the BOP team joined teachers at the commencement of the program to deliver a keynote speech on the importance of industry partnerships for schools, and to unpack some examples of previous partnerships at we at BOP had helped lead.

From there, we then facilitated a full day professional development workshop with teachers to explore the details of how to build effective partnerships with industry. This day was hosted at the stunning WeWork Coworking Space in Brisbane City, giving all attendees the opportunity to explore innovative workspaces for industry leaders. Over the course of the day, we dived deep into some key case studies of industry partnerships with schools, before then going through a step-by-step guide on how to identify, connect with, and then collaborate with organisations. To finish the day, we then invited a series of industry leaders from Telstra Purple, BDO, and Business Station to share their experiences on the ever-changing future of work, and to share their advice with educators wanting to connect.

As we move into 2022, the BOP team will be collaborating closely with the schools and ISQ to help facilitate a pilot partnership with an industry partner of interest. This will be a great opportunity for schools to work 1:1 with the BOP team as they apply their learnings and pilot a partnership with the support of the BOP and ISQ teams.

To find out more about how the BOP team could work with your teachers and school leaders in your community, make sure to head over to our Professional Development page to browse programs and start the conversation.


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