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Building a good team is absolutely essential for success in any task where you need a team. You need a mix of people with complementary skills that are able to share ideas, debate challenges and come together to develop the best solution possible.


In the business world, startups use the personas of Hipsters, Hackers, Hustlers and Humanists when building their team.


These personas help them delegate tasks, identify strengths and weaknesses, and overall, build a strong team. When it comes to building your team we recommend you find a good balance of Hipsters, Hackers, Hustlers and Humanists. Whilst the numbers aren’t perfect, the more variety, the better. You can also change the team roles to suit your classroom needs or share the roles around.


You can use these roles in a variety of subjects. It is best suited for project-based

learning or adapt to suit your classroom needs.


What's In The Resource:

- 1 Page Printable Poster For The Classroom 

- 4 Pages Of Printable Cards For Students 

- 11 Pages Of Slides For Classroom Activity 

Team Building Toolkit - Free Resource

  • This is a free download available for parents, teachers and students around the world. To download this resource, just add this (and as many other resources as you like) to your cart and check out as you normally would. You will be able to download these straight away without being charged. 

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