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Why We Do What We Do

The future of work is changing faster now than ever before. With the latest reports finding that Generation Z are likely to change careers every seven years, it’s essential that we prepare them with the 21st century skills necessary to thrive in the workforce of the future.

Whilst we’re not yet halfway through the year, 2020 has already become the year that no one will ever forget. As well as a pandemic that has ground our global economy to a halt, we’ve seen fires and floods, rising global tensions, plane crashes and earthquakes just to name a few of the events that have shaken our communities to their core.

One thing the global uncertainty of late has taught us is the need for transferable skills and the ability to see the opportunity in uncertainty. With 1.4 million Australians already out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing people having to be innovative and think on their feet to re-skill to fill the gaps in other industries that are feeling immense pressure in the current climate. We’re seeing flight attendants retraining as customer service representatives in hospitals and banks, tour bus drivers now driving trucks to transport cargo across the country, and schools using 3D printers to produce protective equipment.

At BOP we work to develop opportunities for students to build their 21st century skills as they prepare for this ever changing workforce of the future. Our programs, curriculum and special projects are centred around developing transferable skills within students while also utilising their thinking to add value to organisations in our innovation economy.

2020 has shown us that we need to prepare our students now more than ever for the workforce of the future, equipping them with the skills to find opportunity in uncertainty. Our programs aim to show students how to not just survive, but thrive, in the innovation economy, giving them the tools to get a headstart on their careers today.


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