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Project Bray Green by Omar, Lachlan, Tyler and Corey

Founders: Omar Abdelaty, Corey Biggers,

Tyler Bryers and Lachlan Tompkins

School: Year 9 Students At Bray Park State High School

Business Name: Project Bray Green

Social Media:

Can You Tell Us About Your Project? 

Project BrayGreen is a sophisticated system that incentivizes environmentally conscious behaviour in students. By Tapping a card, students can earn redeemable points for recycling, which can be used to acquire rewards. With its innovative approach to sustainability, Project BrayGreen inspires individuals to embrace a greener lifestyle and make a positive impact on the world. 

What Inspired Your Innovative Idea? 

Our journey began with a simple assignment at school, where we were tasked with creating sustainable and environmentally friendly business concepts. Recognising the potential in our ideas, both our group members and teachers encouraged us to transform those concepts into a genuine and significant business. With determination and hard work, we dedicated ourselves to refining and improving our business, and here we stand today. 

What Is Your Long-Term Vision for Project Bray Green? 

Our vision for this project is clear, as we plan to continue growing our company, we hope to expand to schools across Australia, and potentially other countries. The reason we hope to expand so we can continue achieving our mission to make the world a cleaner place and reward more students than we can imagine. In the long term this company will make the world cleaner and greener. 

What Lessons Did You Learn About Teamwork and Collaboration Through the Process of Developing and Implementing Your Innovative Solution? 

We learnt about the importance of organisation and communication within a business and how a lack of these can really change the course of progression of a business and how they have a strong influence on success and failure. Firstly, our lack of communication meant we had no ideas on moving the business forward and we lost focus on the business, and this plays in with our lack of organization and how we had no scheduled times to meet and talk, this also resulted in a lack of focus and progression. 

Can You Describe a Moment During the Development of Your Project Where Your Team Had to Think Creatively to Overcome a Particular Obstacle or Challenge? 

After the mobile phone ban in 2024, we had to change the QR Code system as phones were no longer an option we have come up with many ideas like, Making students pay 5 dollars a month to

use our service(this is not a set price), some might ask, why wouldn’t I just recycle my own bottles, well we will save you time, the most precious thing in the world by giving you your choice of rewards from your points to your classroom in school, this will all be done by the use of a EMV/NFC chip card which students will get after paying for our service. 

What Is the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned Through the Next Gen Awards? 

The most important thing we learnt through the Next Gen Awards is how to sell service and ourselves. This taught us how to market and how to make consumers use the service we provide, rather than creating a great service no one has heard of or used. We have also learned that people are taking interest in our service and that we need to continue to work on it and improve it, so our consumers continue to use the service and make the world better. 


How Do You Plan to Iterate on Project Bray Green to Enhance Its Effectiveness and Sustainability Over Time? 

We plan to iterate Project Bray Green over time by, creating multiple options easier and more convenient ways to earn points, so everyone can participate in our innovative idea. We could also release new bin versions, sizes, and colours, and we could also add more rewards to be earned with our points, to keep our business thriving. 


What Advice Would You Give to Other Young Students Who Are Eager to Pursue Their Own Innovative Ideas? 

If we were to offer advice to start-ups, we would emphasise the importance of thorough research. Extensive research is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. It can make the difference between failure and success. Additionally, we would stress the significance of surrounding oneself with great people. These individuals bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and unwavering support, especially during challenging times. We passionately believe that self-belief is paramount. We want to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to have faith in themselves because they have the power to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Our own journey has been a testament to the strength of self-belief and perseverance. 

To find out more about Project BrayGreen and to support Omar, Lachlan, Tyler and Corey on their journey, make sure to follow Project BrayGreen on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, X and LinkedIn.

Project BrayGreen participated in our Next Gen Awards 2023 program and were our Young Innovator of the Year award recipients. To find out more about the Next Gen Awards and how your projects and initiatives can be showcased head to:


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